Dream:Swimming in a lake

In the dream, I'm in water, a lake. It's night time, dark. I feel like I know where I'm going but the person I'm with doesn't but they don't want to admit they don't know. There is a barge or deck they are standing on. I swim over to them. There is a long dock … Continue reading Dream:Swimming in a lake


Mixed dreams – both negative & positive

The dream images from last night are a bit hazy. Images keep bobbing up and then floating out again, like buoys in a lake. I feel great though and know the dream images were mixed between positive and negative. Which is a good thing. So I'll write a bit about the process (and maybe dream … Continue reading Mixed dreams – both negative & positive

Dream: Bear, Pool, New Town

  In the dream, I am walking though a wooded area on a trail with at least one other person, maybe 2 or 3. Someone says the bear has passed by and I realize that a bear we had been hiding from or trying to avoid or fearful of attack had gone in another direction. … Continue reading Dream: Bear, Pool, New Town

Dream: A woman in a pool

Another dream about a swimming pool last night. A woman was swimming in it. She seemed to have the air about her as though she thought she had taken something which was intended for someone else but actually it was for her. I liked knowing that even though she didn't.   There was another part. … Continue reading Dream: A woman in a pool