Dream: Gracie slid under a door

I dream I go into Gracie’s room to get a breather. She doesn’t know I’m there and slides in under the door. I am surprised and I say, “hey! How did you do that?” At first she defended as if she didn’t do it and then she said she just didn’t know how she did … Continue reading Dream: Gracie slid under a door


Dream: Eating Snake

In the dream, I am seeing through my own eyes. Just watching and observing. Seeing what's going on. There is a lot of movement and action and activity and people are just very excited about something or other. When I try to recall it, it is like images on a movie screen moving too fast, … Continue reading Dream: Eating Snake

Dream: Poorest of the Poor

In the dream, a person has visited the house. But this is not my house. It has the feeling of the old farmhouse but even worse - it's not mine, even though I"m acting like it is. What I mean by that is that even though I was in it, I had the feeling like … Continue reading Dream: Poorest of the Poor

Dealing With Nightmares

DEALING WITH NIGHTMARES IN REAL OR DREAM WORLD  Richard Hastings published this on June 19, 2015 www.dreamsforpeace.wordpress.com ----------------------------------------------------------------------- What should your attitude be after you have had an intense nightmare or have gone through a horrific experience in real life? When most people begin working with what is happening with themselves,  the first goal they have … Continue reading Dealing With Nightmares