Dream: Bench, Hall, Ruby

January 2011

Dear Richard,

In the dream, I am sitting on a bench with a family member who has passed on to the next world, one who had qualities of strength, compassion, beauty and grace, but who also suffered from alcoholism and experienced abuse in her childhood. We are on a bench outside a hall. She has a newly polished, gold, necklace piece and she shows me it. She tells me that I have one too. Yes, I know, I tell her and I bring it out a small box from pocket and open it. It’s identical to hers but in need of polishing. The necklace charm has an R on it with 4 symbols above the R. She reminds me that my birthstone is Ruby and that that’s why there is a ruby in it. The R is for Rachel.

She takes it out to have a closer look and says that it needs to be polished too but not immediately, coming soon though, she says. Then she unravels a chain that was beneath the charm, which I didn’t know was there.

As she’s threading it through she takes a closer look at the symbols and then she shakes her head and under her breath she says, “Enough suffering now.” I hardly hear her and so I ask her to repeat herself and she just says, “Oh, it just says that you will have more suffering and I think that after all that you have been through it is enough already.” I say, “I have had a lot of suffering but it is time for abundance now.” I say it confidently because it is part of the mantra I’ve been saying to myself about abundance being in my life now.

She looks at me lovingly and shakes her head. I say, “I know, there will be more suffering. It’s okay.” She weaves the charm and gives it to me and says it will look nice when it is all polished up.

I’m just sitting there feeling sort of sad and wondering where will I get the strength to truly keep enduring the suffering because I do feel as though I’ve had enough. I feel tired to my core. When I awake I after a 2 hour nap I still just feel so, so tired. There was an air of peacefulness and calm about the dream despite this feeling of resignation at the idea of suffering more.

Thank you Richard.


Hi Rachel,

This is a very interesting dream for you. Thanks for sharing it.
Your aunt comes in the dream because she is letting you know that the qualities that are uniquely yours are about to come out.   This is why you have the R and the ruby.   The reason that you need suffering is that you are in  a learning phase about the quality.  As you see in the dream, everything needs polishing.   Polishing is the process of learning.
What is different about this suffering from previous sufferings is
that now you have come to the stage of manifesting what is uniquely you to the world.  In the first stages of healing and development you have to deal with family issues, that is, to develop the qualities that the former generations did not have.   This is part of the teaching to carry forward an ever advancing civilization.   The
suffering in this stage is very great because most families are really screwed up.   It is usually combined with what happens to you as a result of the culture.   The combination of family and culture just automatically gives a lot of suffering.

In the stage you are going into now, you are learning about what
is uniquely you.   These are what the Writings call innate qualities.

They have nothing to do with your parents or the culture, but when
you manifest them, they have the greatest transformational power in the world.     The suffering is not the same as family as with family.    Part of the problem with dealing with family suffering is that it is inherited because of the weaknesses of the former generations so our first tendency is to blame then and then hope they work it out so we can benefit.

By dealing with it ourselves it actually heals both sides.   We have a sense that we would rather being doing what is uniquely us,  like in your case, the rubiness of your life, but God requires that we first spend years and years dealing with the family issues.

This is because family is the first building block of unity in the world.

So now you are onto the gifts that are uniquely you and I can tell you that you won’t find much literature about it because the world of psychology has not gotten there yet and I am not sure if it will for awhile because in this part you have to believe in God.

The metaphor of suffering in this stage is polishing for you. The suffering in the previous stages come as a result of the lack of spirituality in others, but in this stage, it is about learning to be more uniquely you.

If you were a runner, for instance, it would be how to increase your speed and endurance.  The suffering are the workouts which are internally driven.  This means that, in this stage, you give yourself your own suffering so that you can push yourself to new levels.   No one else can do it for you.  It is an act of pure volition.

It is as if God has put this really great gem in you and now gives you the permission to see what you can do with it. Your Aunt is there to signal the beginning of this process.

I would be interested in hearing from you on how it is going from time to time just to learn more about how this stage works.



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