Dream: Hippos in the Woods

Hippos. In the dream last night there were hippos. We were in a somewhat swampy area, but not too damp, with some sunlight. Up ahead of me, down the path in the woods and to the left were hippos. At least one was larger-than-usual, and at least one was a baby. I felt no threat but then when I started walking further the big one started to charge me. I back off and to the right and climbed a fence quickly. It pushed at the fence but then backed away.
At one point, when I looked in the water I thought I saw a crocodile. I asked myself, “Do crocodiles live in these parts?” Then on more careful inspection I saw it was a baby hippo.
These hippos were a bit unusual. They had very small heads on their enormous bodies. The looked a bit prehistoric.
There were other dreams too but my fascination with this one led me to forget the others.
Despite my best efforts to listen to my own inner voice about meanings and symbols, I can’t resist sometimes searching online for what others have experienced with certain symbols. Here is one nice quote I found:
There is a period of activity that will be happening around you today. Go with the flow but stand your ground if you need to.
Here is a short video of Hippos and Crocodiles.

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