The Emerging Vision…

Today is April 07, 2016 – Last year, when I got the idea to put Dreams and Dreamwork online I was feeling a lot of fear. Posting my dreams, Richard’s interpretations, and the solutions I was implementing in my life took a lot of courage but I started the process. Today I was looking back at the conversation we had back then and the vision I had set out to do.
My intention was to transcend what I had gone through and to share what worked for me to support others who are currently facing enormous obstacles and who can really use the support.

(Here is the actual, real email dialogue between Richard and I about it . It’s edited for brevity and clarity.)

Dear Richard,

I have set up this email “” which I would like to use for sending and receiving messages regarding dreamwork.

I would like to have an easy-to-access database (on the Google Drive? associated with this account? or maybe online) that allows me to easily review dreams if it is ever relevant and to help me build my own personal dictionary of dream symbols that I see often. A system appears to be emerging where the way I have applied dreamwork to heal from trauma is also meaningful for others who are on the same path. I feel that the more I understand the journey I have been on, the more I will understand the ways I can be of support to others on their Path as opportunities emerge.

Currently, every dream conversation we have ever had (roughly 1000 – 2000+) is in about 3-4 different email accounts and recently I went back to the very first emails between us and found it so fascinating to see how the process started in 2009 and where it has lead. I would like to have everything in the same place for easy reference for me and others who are interested.

When setting up the email and when giving thought to the opportunities which are presenting themselves to use your dreamwork theories and application strategies to support others who are also passionate about transforming negative to positive in one way or another in their lives. I wanted to check in with you about the way things are growing.

At this point, I wanted to know if was okay to name this email account in the way that I did, given that you coined the phrase “Dreamwork”…but also, I’m thinking of these groups who are gathering together and the dreams they are sharing. I just wanted to share with you that more and more in my daily life this process of dreamwork is relevant in my daily and working life (with co-workers, peers, children at school, spiritual/faith groups, etc) and I wanted you to be aware of how your framework is being used to support individuals in their personal growth.

Is there a way you would like me to directly communicate with you about any progress that is taking place at this level? Or is the current system we have in place with my sharing dreams, my understanding of the theories, my attempt at direct application, sufficient enough?

Please let me know what you would like me to do.


It is awesome what you are doing, Rachel.   It is great that other people start using the word dreamwork because the idea is to take the work beyond what people think of as dream interpretation to being more solution-oriented and as a way to delve deeper into the transformation experience.   The main thing that people need to shift to is that their lives can be taken in a positive direction when they understand that the dream doesn’t come from them, but it is related to them and comes through them.    It is such a powerful shift, but it takes submitting to another Will.

UPDATE: As of April 07, 2016, I’ve been editing the Dreamwork book for the past year and I’ve begun to share some of the dreams and interpretations on a site called
Creating Unity: Dreamwork Self-Help Blog, which you can get to by clicking here.
People continue to share their dreams with me and sometimes give me permission to share on the Dreamwork site. I’ve listened to hundreds of dreams.
My priority is developing the Dreamwork Blog and making it increasingly more assessable to growing numbers of people. If you would like to share a dream you’ve had, please send it to me or Richard at
If you are feeling overwhelmed by the work, I’m sharing here a song I often listen to repeatedly for hours. I understand it’s a Hindu mantra. If you are new to this language or style, please give it some time. When you become more familiar with it I’m sure you will find so much beauty in it, as I have.

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