Dream: Cold, Farm House

Good morning Richard,

Last night I had a marvellous dream that really seems to deal with this issue of “letting go of the cold” and I am so grateful to be finally understanding this aspect of myself in greater detail as I am sure that “warming” up this side of myself will serve to increase my capacity to love and be loved.

I am fowarding you my dream from last night  – but today as I was reading the dream interpretations from the last week and doing some journalling around the themes here, I came across a dream series that I had one night and then forgot to send it (it was dreamed the night before my angry dream of my daughter.)

Thank you so very much.

“Warmly” – Rachel 🙂



I’m in the old farm house packing up the contents of the rooms into boxes. In every room there is clutter, mess and filth. I am there alone. There are so many bad memories coming back. Memories about how I tried to help my parents and my family. In my old bedroom, it is small and cramped. I don’t have enough boxes for the stuff. In the kitchen, someone has packed it up and I am amazed at how much space is there once all the clutter is gone. I look and say, “it’s too bad it was always so cluttered because it could have been a really great home.” There’s a lot of space here. And I envision what it would have looked like with brand new furniture and how we all could have enjoyed the room.

There’s some things to bring over to a Baha’i friend’s house. (www.bahai.org) So I put them in my pocket and go over. We are in her room playing and having fun, then we go downstairs to eat. Her parents are there, the atmosphere is jovial. Her mom is laughing, saying, “Hey Rache! Look at this” and then make a funny face or joke about something…stuff like that. I see on the doors to all the rooms my friend has put a little note with a photo and a saying a quote about love on them. She says, “I’m just trying to get them all to love a little more.” And I think to myself that she is lucky there was even potential in this home for love and acceptance. In my home, I would have been too afraid to even do something like that. I would have felt afraid to reach out like that and wouldn’t have been accepted.

So I put these two little plastic containers on the counter that I had brought for them. I had been excited about delivering them, but now I look at them and can’t remember why they were significant. One has some salad dressing in it, the other has some sauce. I feel really foolish. The mom is looking at me with that strange look like I am mentally unstable and have done something inappropriate. I know my friend accepts me but she doesn’t get it either. I feel absolutely devastated and all my strength is gone. I feel embarrassed and ashamed of myself and where I come from.

I say it doesn’t matter but it’s time to go now. I head to the door to put my stuff on.

I remember that I had left something back at the farm house and want to go get it and bring it back.

My daughter is with me now at the front door. She is dressed similar to me and is joyful and happy and I am so grateful to see her. I feel accepted and loved and good. I wrap her scarf around her and mine around me. I am telling them all good bye, I’m leaving to move far away, going to go be a teacher. And the more I think about it, I just want to go, I don’t want to go get the stuff and come back. So I am saying good bye in a “forever” kind of a way and And the mom says, “What about the house?” And I say, rather definitlely “I have to let go of that old farm house,” and I wake up.

I am sitting at a long table with many people. Most appear to be Native. A baby is in the arms of her father a few feet away from me. I can tell the baby is not healthy but I know I am not allowed to say anything to help – it is not socially acceptable. The baby is crying and appears to have legos stuck on its eyes. The father is holding her and trying to give her Tylenol but the baby chokes and is not swallowing well. She is crying and I say to someone beside me that the baby doesn’t need Tylenol; she is crying to try to tell us what is wrong. The baby looks like a co-worker of mine whose last name is “Swallow.” The mother is just watching passively and not doing anything.

I am sitting on a blanket in a yard amongst others who are also in various activities, sort of a park environment. I am talking to a Native woman who is about my age. I am talking to her about some parenting program or something like that. Then she looks at me and says, “I can’t believe we just met now.” I just look at her confused. She repeats herself and so I look at her more intently to see if I knew her. She has long dark hair, a round face with shining eyes. I say, “I think we have known each other our whole lives.” I then change my attitude towards her and see that she is not someone for me to teach but someone who is my equal, my friend and who I will learn from as well.

I have a glass container of chai seeds (a new food i’ve introduced to my diet in waking life). I put in a lot of water and then some peanut butter and I cover them up with the intention that they will sprout over night and I look forward to eating them tomorrow.



The key to letting go for you is seeing what happened to you in your life as an advantage rather than a disadvantage.   First of all God gave you a experiences with  cold relationships that were full of clutter.   In those experiences you somehow learned to how to visualize the opposite, that is,  how to have an organized environment that respects and gives everyone space.      The Baha’i home taught you how to have relationships based upon love and warmth and mutual regard for each other.

What keeps you from living fully in the new processes are the strong memories of the clutter and then coldness in your own home.     Your mind/emotions will let go of the reality of your past when it believes that the higher spiritual qualities are strongly implanted in your memory.

To do this you can hold both pictures in your mind simultaneously and then just let go of the old negative one.     To do this draw both images or paint them or just write them and then gradually spend more time with the positive images.



Thank you Richard – I truly hope this is not too much for you. I am so grateful for this service you provide. Your last interpretation was profoundly true and implementing the guidance from my dreams this past week will change my life. I am so grateful. Many many thanks. Warm regards, Rachel



I am anxious to hear about the results.


Dream: Bear & a Cliff


In the dream I am in a beautiful natural surrounding, on an ocean shore. Suddenly a bear appears and I know I am not supposed to run but I do. I start running away as fast as I can, which is very fast, but the bear runs faster. Someone starts calling out to me “stop running Rachel! Turn and face the bear! Be still! Stop running.” Apparently I am very stubborn and I keep running expecting to find safety. I come to a large cliff that extends high above me. My mom is standing at the top of the hill. There is no where to run to, nothing left to do. I summon all my courage and turn around to face the bear and stand still the way I have understood to do to show I am of no threat to the bear. I stand there and the bear runs to me. It stops before me, sniffs me, grunts and turns away.


Hi Rachel,

Thanks for those dreams and I am looking forward to receiving more.   I am just writing about animal dreams in this book I have been writing on and off for about a year.

I have just been doing a lot of thinking about when a fear is based upon an actual experience or inherited and then when it is an illusion like in the category of what the [Baha’i] Writings say are vain imaginings.

Creativity seems to be one of those virtues that is so not present in the society and so puts you on the edge between the material and the spiritual domains that we can create imaginary fears and blow them up so that we do not have to express our creative minds.   It is an ego protection.   Shooting a bear and feeling positive is like shooting an imaginary fear.

The other type of fear is based upon real experiences such as yours, Rachel.  The first step is courage.  The next step in a dream like that is to become the bear in a positive sense.  This gives you strength or confidence which allows you not only to begin new things, but to carry them through to their conclusion.



Hi Rachel,

Thank you for writing your process.   You can feel free to publish any of my interpretations that you want. (In 2015, 7000 people viewed a post about dreams of being chased. Here is a link to that post.)

The thing that has always given me a great deal of insight into the dreaming process is to ask the questions of wonderment.   So I would ask myself,  “I wonder why a bear is in the dream chasing me as opposed to a lion or snake?”   If you read the Valley of Wonderment where Baha’u’llah speaks about dreams, He invokes to wonder about things.   He asks how is it possible to be asleep and dream of something and then 10 years later it comes true.   He doesn’t give us the answer, but promises us that when we consider the difference between the dream world and the material world that we will attain to divine confirmations.

So where most people get stuck in the dream interpretation process and hence, in their own spiritual evolution,  is that they do not consider the difference, for instance, of a dream bear and a material bear.    The dream bear would be a like a spiritual bear.

Most of us stop in the process of our spiritual evolution by getting rid of the negative aspects of the material bear.   The idea is to get rid of negative emotions rather than embracing the spiritual qualities.

So, for instance, in someone else’s bear dream there was the garden and then there are the three bears.     I think that the idea in shooting the bear is to have protection.   This is because the material world is governed by the principle of distinctions (either or). You can have a bear or you can have a garden, but you cannot have both.   In the spiritual world you can have a spiritual bear and a spiritual garden and they both exist simultaneously in peace and harmony.

In your dream the bear running after you is the oppressive conditions of abuse which you experienced causing you to run away from things until you get to the very edge before you have courage.   So on the one hand you have the material condition of oppression which was passed down to you from one generation to the next and then you have the spiritual bear which is positive strength and great confidence to do positive things in the world.

It would be good if you would be able to stop the oppression by having the courage to face it which you have done,  but it is quite another thing to have the strength and confidence to make positive changes in the world.    Embracing the spiritual world is much more difficult than facing off against the material world.   It usually takes about a year to incorporate a new virtue because God seems to have a million things He wants to teach you about it.   Turning around and facing the bear is step one.   Having the strength and confidence to write and raise your daughter and a lot of other things takes some time to learn.


A garden is characterized by the quality of beauty normally or giving nourishment if it is a vegetable garden.   This is what art does.    A bear gives you strength and confidence.    In the spiritual world they go together, but in the material world they do not.

These are just a few of my thoughts.   I hope that they are helpful.




The book which Richard refers to here has now been published and can be purchased from his Dreams for Peace site. The book is called “Dreamwork Module 1” and is $.2.99. Here is the link.

Spiritual Economy & Money


Hi Richard,

How are you? I hear you have worked magic with an interpretation a dream of my friend recently. 🙂

Well, I am writing with just a brief interpretation question if you don’t mind.

What I was wondering is what your interpretation of a dream would be about owing people money or about coming across money that didn’t belong to me but that didn’t belong to anyone else either (example: in one dream I tried to use a payphone to make a call but it was broken and tons of change started pouring out like a slot machine. At first I was going to take it but then I thought no, just because it came to me doesn’t mean it’s mine, but then a person beside me said that the owner and maintenance man know it’s broken and this is the way it’s supposed to be. I still didn’t take it. It didn’t seem right. I was thinking about how to talk to the maintenance man about fixing the phone instead of giving money away.

In another dream, again a machine spit out a bunch of money and when I wrapped it up to take it I noticed that it was not for me it was for my co-workers and so I walked over to them and gave it to them but I felt sad that there was none for me.

Last night I was driving around repaying people the money that I owed them but I was giving out more money than what I had and I felt depleted.

I’m stumped on this one…what do you think?

Also, is your book still for sale? I’d be interested in buying one.

Thank you Richard for your insights.

Hi Rachel,
It is good to hear from home.   The main thing you need to think
about in order to understand the meanings of the dreams is the symbol of money.   In real life money is what we used to make payments and receive payments for goods and services.  In an ideal material world it is based upon the principle of fairness and honesty.   In the spiritual domain money represents bounties.   There is a major difference between the two worlds because money exchanged between humans is based upon equity and fairness, where as bounties from the spiritual domain are not based upon what you deserve, but on the mercy of God.  You cannot give anything to God; you can only receive.  He acts according to His own will and we cannot question it.

People often think that the economic system is based upon hard work and effort, but really the whole thing is fully of inequities and

So the purpose of the dream is let you know that you have a certain amount of difficulty receiving your share of God’s mercy because you don’t think you deserve it.   You didn’t make a call.  You just got money.   You think that you have not done enough to deserve the bounties so you give them away.    So the main thing you have to do is get over the idea that you do not deserve things because that is not how God works.  His mercy exceeds His justice.

The first problem is that you are trying to use a pay phone, but it is
broken.  Phones have the purpose of connecting and in this case, you need to make a connection with God first, ask for His mercy, and then He will rain down His bounties on you.   It has nothing to do with what you deserve.  If He wants you to have bounties, He will give them to you which could come in many ways.

So the work is to let the process of Him bestowing upon you His
bounties work, by getting out of the mindset of deserving or not
deserving something.    It is a hard concept for North Americans to

Let me know if this is confusing.


you can order the book on Amazon.  Dreams for Peace Richard
Hastings.  It is still there?

Where Do Dreams Come From?

Originally Posted by dreamsforpeace, Richard Hastings

Dream work is the ability to take a dream, analyze and understand the messages it is trying to convey, and then do the internal transformation to actualize new positive energy that the dream is trying to move you toward.      Dream interpretation is one part of the dream work process.   It is the purpose of this new series to assist people in obtaining a better understanding of how to do dream work.

Where do dreams come from?   If you think of human beings as animals with superior brains like many scientists and people do in the today’s world, then you will be looking to find the origin of dreams inside peoples’ brains. If this were the case, then we would believe that we might better be able to control the contents of dreams like in the movie Inception. Indeed some people do try to direct their dreams.   In my approach to dream work, however, human beings are spiritual creatures having a material experience.   This means that we are spiritual beings and we are material beings at the same time.   While the brain is involved, dreaming is essentially an experience of the soul.

When you relate to dreams in this manner, there are two ways to understand the experience.   Whatever way you choose has it value.   The first way to relate to it is by seeing dreaming as a kind of voyage of the soul.   When you sleep, your brain and body go into a state that is the closest thing to approximating death.   The brain particularly goes very inactive.   So you can see the dream as the time when your soul can go away from the body and experience a different reality that is meaningful to you and still leave a memory of its experience.   The other way to see the world of dreams is that it is a world inside yourself where the rules of time and space are suspended, something like the world you enter during deep meditation.   When you view dreams more like soul travel, then you experience its connectedness with all life.   Seeing it as inner world allows you have a deeper understanding of who you are and what your purpose is on the planet.

One of the main keys to working with your dreams is the ability to let go of the process of trying to control their content.   Controlling the dream world is like trying to control the future.   It is better to let the dream world do as it wills outside of your direction in the same way that it is better to leave the future alone.   What happens to you when you try to control a spiritual dimension is that your inner world becomes apocalyptic and then you end up in your own personal hell. In order to be able to trust the dream world by letting go of control, it is helpful to believe that there is a larger spiritual force which most of us call God or the Holy Spirit who is extremely benevolent, has our best interests in mind, and is infinitely better at directing the show.   When we try to do it, we always screw it up badly.     If you do the dream work long enough and see what positive things it can do to people’s lives, it is pretty hard to deny a supreme being.   When you want to have more control over the transformation process, it is much better to believe that the spiritual dimension or the dream dimension is within yourself as in God within.   When you want to feel a sense of freedom, then see the dream world as a journey of the soul outside yourself.   Whatever way you use, let go of control and trust the experience.   Believe that God knows best.

The dreams are just too perfect to come from you. You will never be that intelligent to come up with what you need through thinking.     Baha’u’llah says it this way. He is quoting from past traditions.

How can feeble reason encompass the Qur’án, 
Or the spider snare a phoenix in his web? 
Wouldst thou that the mind should not entrap thee? 
Teach it the science of the love of God!

The big lesson in dealing with dreams is to trust in the spiritual world.


April 07, 2016

If you have just read Richard’s post “Where Do Dreams Come From?” and you are feeling overwhelmed I would highlight the most important part of what he wrote in this post is that the messages of any negative emotion is to move us forward in the direction of the positive things which our True Self wants for us.

You can just begin at wherever you are. Start where you are at. Begin at the beginning. Think of a dream you’ve had recently. Write it down and begin to ask new questions about it. Think of your dream as a gift, which it is. Think of Dreamwork like scuba diving in an ocean or soaring in the sky in a plane you are flying. It’s a limitless journey and yet it’s also specific and detailed. You can think of yourself as the Engineer of Your Life and dreams as the atmosphere in which you build. That is just one way which helps me think of it. Let me know if it makes sense to you too.

Leave a comment here about your thoughts about your dreams or dreamwork or what you have read. Your comments make a difference. They really matter.

The Emerging Vision…

Today is April 07, 2016 – Last year, when I got the idea to put Dreams and Dreamwork online I was feeling a lot of fear. Posting my dreams, Richard’s interpretations, and the solutions I was implementing in my life took a lot of courage but I started the process. Today I was looking back at the conversation we had back then and the vision I had set out to do.
My intention was to transcend what I had gone through and to share what worked for me to support others who are currently facing enormous obstacles and who can really use the support.

(Here is the actual, real email dialogue between Richard and I about it . It’s edited for brevity and clarity.)

Dear Richard,

I have set up this email “rperrydreamwork@gmail.com” which I would like to use for sending and receiving messages regarding dreamwork.

I would like to have an easy-to-access database (on the Google Drive? associated with this account? or maybe online) that allows me to easily review dreams if it is ever relevant and to help me build my own personal dictionary of dream symbols that I see often. A system appears to be emerging where the way I have applied dreamwork to heal from trauma is also meaningful for others who are on the same path. I feel that the more I understand the journey I have been on, the more I will understand the ways I can be of support to others on their Path as opportunities emerge.

Currently, every dream conversation we have ever had (roughly 1000 – 2000+) is in about 3-4 different email accounts and recently I went back to the very first emails between us and found it so fascinating to see how the process started in 2009 and where it has lead. I would like to have everything in the same place for easy reference for me and others who are interested.

When setting up the email and when giving thought to the opportunities which are presenting themselves to use your dreamwork theories and application strategies to support others who are also passionate about transforming negative to positive in one way or another in their lives. I wanted to check in with you about the way things are growing.

At this point, I wanted to know if was okay to name this email account in the way that I did, given that you coined the phrase “Dreamwork”…but also, I’m thinking of these groups who are gathering together and the dreams they are sharing. I just wanted to share with you that more and more in my daily life this process of dreamwork is relevant in my daily and working life (with co-workers, peers, children at school, spiritual/faith groups, etc) and I wanted you to be aware of how your framework is being used to support individuals in their personal growth.

Is there a way you would like me to directly communicate with you about any progress that is taking place at this level? Or is the current system we have in place with my sharing dreams, my understanding of the theories, my attempt at direct application, sufficient enough?

Please let me know what you would like me to do.


It is awesome what you are doing, Rachel.   It is great that other people start using the word dreamwork because the idea is to take the work beyond what people think of as dream interpretation to being more solution-oriented and as a way to delve deeper into the transformation experience.   The main thing that people need to shift to is that their lives can be taken in a positive direction when they understand that the dream doesn’t come from them, but it is related to them and comes through them.    It is such a powerful shift, but it takes submitting to another Will.

UPDATE: As of April 07, 2016, I’ve been editing the Dreamwork book for the past year and I’ve begun to share some of the dreams and interpretations on a site called
Creating Unity: Dreamwork Self-Help Blog, which you can get to by clicking here.
People continue to share their dreams with me and sometimes give me permission to share on the Dreamwork site. I’ve listened to hundreds of dreams.
My priority is developing the Dreamwork Blog and making it increasingly more assessable to growing numbers of people. If you would like to share a dream you’ve had, please send it to me or Richard at http://www.dreamsforpeace.wordpress.com.
If you are feeling overwhelmed by the work, I’m sharing here a song I often listen to repeatedly for hours. I understand it’s a Hindu mantra. If you are new to this language or style, please give it some time. When you become more familiar with it I’m sure you will find so much beauty in it, as I have.