Dream: Fire in A Waste Basket


In the dream, I’m in a room with a group of people and I don’t recognize them but they are somewhat friendly.

I put a piece of paper into the waste basket thinking it is just a regular basket. But then I learn that the contents of the basket were warm like charcoal brackets and so the paper I put in starts to get warm and begin to get a flame.

Others get really anxious really quickly but I just say, “this is no big deal,” and I go over to the tap with the basket and pour water on it.

Fire out. No harm done. Everyone is happy. Everything is okay! 🙂

Dream: Meeting Rhett & Link

In the dream, I have images of Rhett & Link and am putting them on a wall. I tell myself and others that I will meet them one day and as I post them up I it is like I am setting my intention and because I am doing so it will happen.

In the same dream, Gracie and I find a newly cemented area. We decide to write in it so we can remember in the future. Someone sees what she is doing and tells her not to. Then we all get into an elevator and are going up.

I tell the others my name is Tina and I am a teacher, even though I’m only somewhat sure it is true. And I talk to Gracie as though she is my daughter although she told them a different name and I’m not sure the name I say is the name that she used.

When we are upstairs in the loft we do a lot of work. Moving things around. It’s like we are maids at work.

We clean up the area and then go and pick up the owners of the house.

There’s something about a bottle of loose change we collected which was left on the stove area which would give us away somehow. That we were more skilled than what we let on.

We drive in the dark in the snow with skill and pick her up and bring her home.

Recurring Dreams: Transforming your Recurring Issue Changes Everything in Your Life

Dealing with re-occuring issues can change everything for the positive in your work, family and community life. The key is not about facing authoritarian leaders, it’s about creating something new instead.

Dreams For Peace

When you have a recurring dream, a dream that repeats itself over time, its purpose is to bring up a recurring issue in your life that you need to address.     Even if you do not have recurring dreams,  if you track your dreams regularly, you will find that you are dealing with pretty much the same issue as it presents itself in the changing circumstances of your life.  Circumstances change, the issues stay the same until you transform them.  That is how the spiritual domain works.   Issues never go away by themselves by leaving them alone.   They stay and get worse the longer they are not dealt with.

Practically anything can recur in a dream.   The dream I have gotten the most in my life is about returning to my first university, that I quit after 3 years, and starting over again.   Since I went to a military university in…

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Two Dreams: Same Theme/Feeling

This morning while eating breakfast, Gracie and I were sharing our dreams.

It turns out they had similar themes.

Here is my dream:

In the dream, I am talking with Gracie’s dad and we are in a place like Fort McMurray. We have a plan for me to go to Ontario and then him to follow with her afterwards. I go to Ontario as planned and later when he arrives I begin conversations about when I will be picking Gracie up. At first he stutters, and answers in vague statements and when I press for details he gets angry. So he tells me he’ll work it out and hangs up on me.

In time, I call him back asking about picking her up. He finally admits to me that he left her in Fort McMurray, that he forgot her there. And he won’t tell me the location or the name or contact to reach her (maybe he doesn’t know it).

Then I get really anxious trying to find her. I am afraid that if I tell others I can’t find her that it will make me look bad. I am also afraid if I tell others what he did that it will be back-biting and make him look bad. So I don’t tell anyone a thing. It makes me appear anxious for no reason but in truth I’m just not sharing complex details to not make someone else look bad. To conceal the faults of someone.

I go to Gracie’s school to speak with her teacher and principal. They are  helpful and give me a few leads but they give instructions about walking through the school which is an enormous, futuristic-looking school, which is large enough to hold about 1000 students. I have to go up tall staircases, and down long hallways and through confusing corridors to get to the person who can give me the number to call in Fort McMurray to get help with getting Gracie back.

When I get to this location, which is in an upper level of the school which now looks like an apartment, I am talking to someone about solving this and getting her home.Then the fire alarm goes off in the entire building. My dad is there now and he grabs my computer case and says he’ll come with me. We start going down the stair but then I say I want to carry my own computer bag. Just then, someone who I know to have an issue with jealousy shows up on the stairs. She asks me, “What’s wrong, Rache?” with a condescending glance and when I start to tell her about Gracie missing, the huge maze-of-a-school, the fire alarm, the computer case I realize that she is not listening to be helpful. She is in fact listening to ridicule and tease me.

Because she has an issue with jealousy I know that if I just take my computer case and walk down the stairs she will feel like I am excluding her and she will get angry, and in her anger may lash out in revenge or to try to survive instead of me.

But I realize I cannot keep telling her details either as she has a horrible way of manipulating words to make me look bad. So I am standing there on the stairs looking at my computer case and the stairwell, listening to alarms going off, and wondering how to get past her without causing anger.


Gracie also had a dream of being left alone!

Here is her dream:

She and her dad were walking a swampy outdoor location.

There were people there doing a puppet show of the movie Finding Dory.

He kept changing like a hybrid into a character called Moe from her book (who has qualities of being brave, taking risks, being secretive, and happy). Then they teleported to a big, dark building which was scary.

Inside the building was a lady making dolls out of cloth. They were voodoo dolls and they took on the face of people. If you dropped the doll then the person would really fall. Also, if you dropped the doll the whole face would go blank.

When they were in the building, the Moe character was with her.

They found an exit.

Then they went to watch the movie Finding Dory.


How interesting to have similar feelings (of being lost or losing something) show up in the same dream on the same night.

More details on the symbols in this dream are included in “1008 Dream Interpretations & Solutions” which is being published in draft chapter, by chapter, on this blog over time.



Dream: Godzilla is Coming

June 28, 2016

In the dream, I was in a large gathering of people, hundreds, nearly thousands and we were being ushered into a large building. I started asking questions to find out why and learned that Godzilla was coming. It was like he had been ordered by the organizer of this herding event, whose name was Adam Abel. He was acting like everything was okay when it wasn’t. People were scared and running into the building but when I learned what was going on I decided to go in a car and travel a distance away instead. There were others driving away too because not everyone could fit in the building.

I was in the car with friends preparing to drive about an hour and a half to where Godzilla couldn’t harm us. After a short time I realized I had two different shoes on and I didn’t want to get to where we were going like this. “We have to go back,” I told the driver, so we started going back. There was a large Olympic-sized pool on the left side of the road and I got out there to check if my shoes were there among dozens of others which were hanging up on the wall. I had to try on several to find the match and someone from the main centre helped me.

Eventually I found my shoes but by then Godzilla had arrived. We humans were just the size of the bottom of his foot, even his ankle was two-stories above our heads. The size of him was enormous.

I did not feel an ounce of fear and was a little perplexed at what others were afraid of. Even though he was huge, he couldn’t move quickly and in fact wasn’t moving quickly. I didn’t feel like he was attacking but just observing and looking around.

Nonetheless, we got back in the car and drove a long distance to where we felt very safe.

There was one scene where it was as though I was looking through Godzilla’s eyes down at the people and saw everyone running around as small as ants and had the thought that when people are looked at from this distance they are just like a handful of raisons.

For more on understanding negative figures in dreams and how to turn what some might call a “nightmare” into an experience of heaven on earth please check out some of the 1008 Dream Interpretations and Solutions which will soon be listed on this blog.