Dream: Fire in A Waste Basket

In the dream, I'm in a room with a group of people and I don't recognize them but they are somewhat friendly. I put a piece of paper into the waste basket thinking it is just a regular basket. But then I learn that the contents of the basket were warm like charcoal brackets and … Continue reading Dream: Fire in A Waste Basket


Dream: Meeting Rhett & Link

In the dream, I have images of Rhett & Link and am putting them on a wall. I tell myself and others that I will meet them one day and as I post them up I it is like I am setting my intention and because I am doing so it will happen. In the … Continue reading Dream: Meeting Rhett & Link

Recurring Dreams: Transforming your Recurring Issue Changes Everything in Your Life

Dealing with re-occuring issues can change everything for the positive in your work, family and community life. The key is not about facing authoritarian leaders, it’s about creating something new instead.

Dreams For Peace

When you have a recurring dream, a dream that repeats itself over time, its purpose is to bring up a recurring issue in your life that you need to address.     Even if you do not have recurring dreams,  if you track your dreams regularly, you will find that you are dealing with pretty much the same issue as it presents itself in the changing circumstances of your life.  Circumstances change, the issues stay the same until you transform them.  That is how the spiritual domain works.   Issues never go away by themselves by leaving them alone.   They stay and get worse the longer they are not dealt with.

Practically anything can recur in a dream.   The dream I have gotten the most in my life is about returning to my first university, that I quit after 3 years, and starting over again.   Since I went to a military university in…

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