Dream: Jealous Woman in a Car with a Cat

In the dream, I hear that someone who has had jealousy of me in the past, has met with my employer (not the one in my real life) and has made a video, published it and got paid. Others knew about this and didn’t tell me. When I found out, I watched the video. I saw her in the front seat of a car with an ex driving. It was as though I was watching a movie screen with the action right in front of me.

They were driving fast like on a highway in a convertible. The woman stood up and held a cat upside down by it’s back feet. The wind was pushing at its face so it couldn’t breathe well. It flipped around like a gymnastics flip and landed in the back seat.

She was so proud of herself as though she did something great but all she did was make the cat suffer.

Later, I asked my boss about why did she hire this woman who had a track record of having an issue with jealousy? And I also told other colleagues that I knew what she did. When she came back into the office to show off her great video and wanted to make a new one she was really uncomfortable and left. We were all waiting for her. I changed the environment so she couldn’t get away with it anymore.


Car = getting to where the dreamer wants to go

Seeing an image like a movie = seeing a memory or situation

Cat = Independence


In the past, someone who was jealous of me did some things which interfered with my independence. Before, I was not driving my own car, metaphorically, to where I wanted to go so it was easy for people to get away with that sort of thing.

The dream is reminding me of how far I’ve come. Before people with jealousy and anger issues could get away with a lot but they can’t anymore.

Time to get curious and start asking questions!


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