Dream: Meeting Rhett & Link

In the dream, I have images of Rhett & Link and am putting them on a wall. I tell myself and others that I will meet them one day and as I post them up I it is like I am setting my intention and because I am doing so it will happen.

In the same dream, Gracie and I find a newly cemented area. We decide to write in it so we can remember in the future. Someone sees what she is doing and tells her not to. Then we all get into an elevator and are going up.

I tell the others my name is Tina and I am a teacher, even though I’m only somewhat sure it is true. And I talk to Gracie as though she is my daughter although she told them a different name and I’m not sure the name I say is the name that she used.

When we are upstairs in the loft we do a lot of work. Moving things around. It’s like we are maids at work.

We clean up the area and then go and pick up the owners of the house.

There’s something about a bottle of loose change we collected which was left on the stove area which would give us away somehow. That we were more skilled than what we let on.

We drive in the dark in the snow with skill and pick her up and bring her home.

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