Dream: Worst Enemy Hanging On

In the dream,  a police officer friend and two others are chatting with me. They tell me that someone I know who is like my worst enemy bit someone and hung on for 12 hours while they cried and screamed. "Oh," I said, "that sounds about right." This person was in a home with someone … Continue reading Dream: Worst Enemy Hanging On


Super Powers In Dreams, By Richard Hastings

SUPER POWERS IN DREAMS I was in a dangerous situation being chased by armed soldiers trying to kill me.   I am running and hiding with a few other people.  In the middle of the dream I find that I can shrink so that I am barely seen and I can also stop bullets without them penetrating … Continue reading Super Powers In Dreams, By Richard Hastings

Positive Dreams: YouTube, Finished Bathroom, Elder’s Teaching

April 2016 When I woke up this morning I was crying. I was laying on my right side and a tear was coming out of my right eye and sliding down my cheek. It was 2:41am. I can't go back to sleep because of the feeling of sadness but I have three amazing dream images … Continue reading Positive Dreams: YouTube, Finished Bathroom, Elder’s Teaching

Dream Symbols: Guns

When guns used to show up in my dreams, I would usually be filled with fear. But after working with the symbol for a while I no longer feel the same. Now when a gun shows up in a dream, I know it means there are opportunities to uplift and inspire. I'll explain what I … Continue reading Dream Symbols: Guns

Dream: Animator of JY Group

In the dream, I'm in a large newly-renovated house. I get a phone call and it is someone from the Local Spiritual Assembly who I respect a lot. He says to me that I've been appointed as an animator of a JY group. I become excited. He gives me some encouragement and offers a few ideas to … Continue reading Dream: Animator of JY Group

Dream: Dirty Couch

In the dream, I'm in a house with one or two others. The room is a bit darker than I like, there's blinds on the windows. As we sit on the couch, I become aware that it's filled with crumbs. It's really dirty and grimy and I am extremely uncomfortable. Then I ask if they want help … Continue reading Dream: Dirty Couch