Dream: Worst Enemy Hanging On

In the dream,  a police officer friend and two others are chatting with me. They tell me that someone I know who is like my worst enemy bit someone and hung on for 12 hours while they cried and screamed. “Oh,” I said, “that sounds about right.”

This person was in a home with someone else and the two of them joked about the word “evil” a lot as if it had no meaning and was funny. I saw them in the kitchen and didn’t enter.



Super Powers In Dreams, By Richard Hastings


I was in a dangerous situation being chased by armed soldiers trying to kill me.   I am running and hiding with a few other people.  In the middle of the dream I find that I can shrink so that I am barely seen and I can also stop bullets without them penetrating my skin.

My son-in-law has a workout program in which he uses super heroes and their positive qualities while people are doing the exercises in such a manner as to begin inculcated the qualities of super heroes in their lives.    If you are like Spider Man, for instance, you might be meditating about how to have a stronger grip on things in your life.   The program produces some amazing results.

When you have super powers in a dream, you should jump up and down on your bed and yell out really loudly, “YES!!!!!”     The above dream tells me that I can change my size to be almost invisible and I am protected from any type of shooting.    The question is what is the spiritual equivalent in the real world to shrinking and stopping bullets.    And why am I having this dream?

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Positive Dreams: YouTube, Finished Bathroom, Elder’s Teaching

April 2016

When I woke up this morning I was crying. I was laying on my right side and a tear was coming out of my right eye and sliding down my cheek. It was 2:41am. I can’t go back to sleep because of the feeling of sadness but I have three amazing dream images which are so good. Even though at the moment I don’t feel the happiness associated with these dreams which I will write about in a minute, the fact that I dreamed them gives me something to hope for and look forward to.

The dream I had right when I was waking up was that YouTube was running a contest of sorts, and I had gone through the first four steps. When I completed the fifth step and submitted my video application it was reviewed and I won. I won something that was like a life-time subscription to making YouTube videos and having millions of viewers. In the dream I was so happy, it was like my version of winning the lottery. I was so relieved. But then I woke up and was crying with sadness. 

In the dream before the YouTube one, I was in a bathroom of a friend’s who I grew up with. For the past decade I’ve dreamed about this bathroom being under construction and always sort of feeling trapped in it. Last night when I dreamed of it, I found the construction was done and the things in it which were strange, like the light switch, I was able to figure out. I really had the feeling of overcoming something which used to be so uncomfortable.

In the first dream, I was in a room with a lot of people, most of them were First Nations friends. I was watching a respected elder talk to others in a line. He would occasionally reach out and touch their left ear. He would hold the lobe and say something. One man approached the elder and there was a little bit of an exchange – I got the impression that the younger man was having a hard time with one of the teachings and the elder was trying to teach him.

Eventually, the younger man got in line and allowed the elder to touch his right ear lobe too.

Dream Symbols: Guns

When guns used to show up in my dreams, I would usually be filled with fear. But after working with the symbol for a while I no longer feel the same. Now when a gun shows up in a dream, I know it means there are opportunities to uplift and inspire. I’ll explain what I mean.

In real life, guns are weapons which cause harm at close range, even death. When we take a negative image and flip to the positive opposite then it is about using skills to cause happiness, even the feeling of being re-born.

A gun causes damage at close range to a specific target so it means to do/say positive things at close range with specific intention to help or encourage. Close range positive conversation is one of the best “weapons” against conflict…the best way to create Unity & Friendships.

So the next time you dream of a gun, start thinking where in your day can you offer someone some encouragement. Then go ahead and do it! It’ll feel great.

You see?

Dream: Motorcycle

In the dream, I’m in a garage and someone has given us a motorcycle to ride home. I’m pleased. My fellow traveler gets on and spins it around a bit. I get on too. Then as she’s going in circles it brings me too close to the pavement and I get stones in my mouth. I ask her not to go so close to the ground.


Motorcycles are probably the most agile vehicles. They can go in many directions like cars can, but they also move through space vertically. They can change directions faster.

The dreams is telling me I can be really agile now to get to where I want to go. I’m glad.