Insects Dreams: How To Deal With Negative Criticism

In the dream,  I put a cup with a magnifying glass onto a counter. It’s clear to see the insects and bacteria living there. I show Gracie so she will see and I tell her that this is a big house we are living in and if I have no help to clean it all then this is the best I can do. I find the little bug world quite amazing and I move the cup around to several different locations. I see them so clearly, and describe the layers, the bigger insects, then the babies, then the eggs and the excrement. 


Insects in dreams are a symbol of small things which multiply quickly. This is the way back-biting and negative criticism works in our culture. It starts small and is nearly invisible and then spreads like crazy. The negative effects of it can destroy a life.

Even though there are bugs in the dream I handle it well. The dream is positive because it shows how I am teaching Gracie to deal with insects and it is also showing me now how I have the ability to see it and observe it and contain it.

Positives in dreams are a signal to just keep going forward. Keep doing the positives in life. Keep being a positive self.

Insects in dreams is a re-occuring issue for me. This dream actually shows progress in my ability to deal with negative criticism. Before when I first started dreaming of insects and bugs on a plant I threw the whole thing out. But now I’ve learned how to keep the good and ignore the bad. It’s like getting rid of the bugs and keeping the plant. But in this dream, there is no plant so it’s not about growth. It’s about learning and understanding, with an almost scientific eye, how the bugs work. The dream invites me to understand the negativity and not to be afraid of it.

In another part of the dream, there was a large insect, like a huge coach roach in water in a glass cup. I showed Gracie and others and then they believed me that there was smaller ones because they saw the bigger ones. 

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