Daily Dream Journal: Water Dream

In the dream, we are on a large ship that is in wavy water. In one part, there are these 3 pre-teens trying to cast spells on others. I walk over. Block them. Shield us. Divert their energy. And cause them to be distracted so they forget what they were doing. Then when that is … Continue reading Daily Dream Journal: Water Dream


Snake Dream: Keeping Snakes Away

September 2016 My dream this morning -  Gracie and I had walked a long way through woods We both stopped to rest in a small motel We slept longer than expected When we woke up it was dark I was texting a colleague about meeting up to go back together They had expected us back … Continue reading Snake Dream: Keeping Snakes Away

1008 Dreams & Solutions – CPS

2014/09/21 first day on a new job at cps 4 years in prep camp owners preparing for the season woman arriving to pick up a donation riding in the car with J.H. - his parents split and i was offering encouragement ----------------------------------------------------------------------- First day at CPS and I thought it went well. The boss seemed … Continue reading 1008 Dreams & Solutions – CPS

How To Survive A Titanic-sized Change

The dream he refers to here about the Titanic was mine. Since I was in a big catastrophic event in the dream and was helping others that means in real life I can do the same. The spiritual quality is Resilience and practicing this quality allows me to stay calm even during crisis. In fact, … Continue reading How To Survive A Titanic-sized Change

Anger in Dreams: How To Process Negative Emotions in a Positive Way

In the dream someone knocks on the door and Gracie lets a man into the house who is selling something. Before I'm at the door he is already in the hallway and she is standing there bewildered. I usher him with a strong tone to get out and he does and then I speak firmly … Continue reading Anger in Dreams: How To Process Negative Emotions in a Positive Way

Creating a New Self

Experiencing a traumatic event is a signal for positive change. The key though, which Cognitive Behaviour therapy just doesn't go deep enough into, is about developing new capacity. New qualities after the trauma come from a person's innate gifts or abilities. How we cope and recover from such events actually reveals our unique strength. This … Continue reading Creating a New Self