Daily Dream Journal: Water Dream

In the dream, we are on a large ship that is in wavy water.

In one part, there are these 3 pre-teens trying to cast spells on others. I walk over. Block them. Shield us. Divert their energy. And cause them to be distracted so they forget what they were doing.

Then when that is dealt with I go back to a main deck area and there is a tall, white guy who put his scuba rescue gear on to be ready to go help others who are trapped below. He utters a comment saying he’s going to fail a drug test because he wasn’t planning to be on call today. I say thank you.

He gets ready to dive.

I dive too. But when I leap I grab the hand of a man I love and we swim hand-in-hand down into the depths, even without scuba gear.

As we get to what appears to be the end, I do something and it causes a door to open up on the ocean floor and we go really deeper.

Then we nearly bang into a mechanical dolphin.

But we pull away and I protect him.

I love him so much in the dream. I feel like I would do anything for him.

We swim around the new area and the water is such a perfect temperature. There’s no water pressure and I soon realize we can breath under water.

It’s amazing. He’s amazed. I’m looking around wondering where to go next.

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