9 Principles of Dreamwork/Changework

9 Main Principles of Dreamwork/Changework Process:
  1. Humans have two natures: Higher and Lower. Animal and Spiritual. Ego and True Self.
  2. The ego/lower-nature is fear-based and always seeking to take over the life of the individual.
  3. The True Self is a spiritual being, heart-based, and is always seeking to grow, improve and develop characteristics such as Compassion, Patience, Perseverance, Love.
  4. There are two ways to think of dreams – they can be thought of as another world which our souls travel to when we sleep or they can be thought of as the universe within our own beings which we experience as our inner condition.
  5. Dreams give us specially-designed metaphors for our spiritual development & growth.
  6. Dreams help us see where ego (fear and it’s related emotions) were operating unconsciously in our lives with negative results. When we understand this message and can find the positives we can embrace many opportunities for new growth.
  7. Animals in dreams are metaphors for qualities which are under-developed or growing. Like humans, animals also have negative & positive aspects of their nature. When we understand the message of an animal in a dream and the potential for us to develop the good of that animal then we can practice is a lot in real life.
  8. The more we practice a certain virtue in real life such as Playfulness, Strength, Excellence then we will dream of people who have this quality. When we dream of people with these qualities then we are really able to start integrating more of it in our day-to-day life. The more we come to identify with the new positive quality the more others come to see us and name us with that virtue, for example they might say “She is the kind of person who is Patient.” Then the quality is there to call on whenever a situation requires it.
  9. When you find out how ego is showing up in your life, the solution is the positive opposite of whatever the challenge is. (More on this later)


If you would like to learn more about how to interpret your dreams, check out Dreamwork: How To Interpret Your Dreams.

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