On Thursday, I was required by my court order to drive to Windsor to pick up my daughter after her 2 week visit with her dad from July ? to July 28, 2016. Two days before, the exclamation lights came on in my vehicle and a little announcement that the tire pressure was low. It also got me thinking that the oil might be low too.

So I researched what oil for the make and model of my car and found out there were two different kinds of engines – gas and flex fuel. I didn’t know the difference but noticed that the label on the oil cap of the engine said 5W-20 and that was the same as what Google’s top site told me is used for gas car so I picked some up at Walmart for $5.00 and topped it up.

I also used my portable tire pump which runs when it’s plugged into the car electrical outlet and filled all the tires. The light went out. I fixed it!

I traveled to Windsor from 1:30pm and arrived home around 6:30pm and it was fine. Two days later, on Saturday we went to the beach in Port Stanley and the car ran find But when I got home, I parked the car to drop off my daughter’s friend and then when I turned the key to start it again it wouldn’t start and the notice said “No key detected.” So I was turning the car on with a key and yet the car was not detecting a key.

I couldn’t help but wonder if putting the wrong kind of oil in would effect it’s running. Which may seem silly for those who may know one thing has nothing to do with the other but when you don’t know about a thing it takes a lot of investigating to find out what is connected and what is not.

So I asked Google about it and I found this site:


On this site I learned that even though manufacture’s receive “Credits” or a bonus of sorts for making flex-fuel cars they are not actually more economical or more environment friendly.

It’s just another one of those things about the way our economic system works which is so puzzling.

If this were a dream, I’d want to go back to the dealership and ask more questions about the two different kinds of engines, gas use and oil use.

But it’s not a dream, it’s real life, and I just need to figure out how to get my car running again.

I’ll let you know.



How To Replace Negative With Positive in the Mind

In order to do this positive visualization technique which I’m going to describe here, it’s a good idea to remember that we all live in two worlds simultaneously. What I mean by that, is that we live in the “outer world” which is the physical world which we all share here in our day-to-day life here on Earth, and then we also live in our own “inner world.” Our inner worlds are much more private, personal and subjective. They are filled with our memories, emotions and hopes.

We always have a choice about how we express our inner worlds.

We always have a choice about our inner environments. We can choose happiness, peace, kindness and enthusiasm. These emotions and experiences can fill us with a lot of positive feelings about our outer worlds.

The outer world also influences our inner world, of course. We have a lot of control over this as well. We can learn to not let the changes and happenings in the outer world to affect us to the degree that it lets anger, jealousy or fear into our internal worlds.

Here is an example and a technique to use to flip something such as anger into justice. 

Lets say someone invites you to meet them somewhere and then they don’t show up.

It’s rather easy to feel anger, abandonment, jealousy and fear. Thoughts that might arise may be something like this, “He’s not showed up. He doesn’t like me after all. He doesn’t respect me. He doesn’t care about me. He cares about others more. He likes others more than me. I don’t deserve this treatment. I’m never talking to him again.” Things like that.

Instead of allowing what someone did on the outside to trigger these negative feelings and letting the negatives linger, it’s good to notice they are there, and then let them go.

One way to let them go is to ask yourself, ‘what is the biggest challenge I’m having about this? What hurts the most?”

When you can identify the feeling, name it, and even see where the feeling shows up in your body, then you can release it. Consider: do your fists feel clenched, or your jaw tight? Maybe your stomach is upset or your heart racing.

Letting go is one thing but here is the key that so many visualization techniques out there are lacking.The key is to replace the negative memory with a positive one.

So one way to do this is to turn down those negative thoughts as if they were a radio. Hear them loud and clear – but then turn the volume down to 0.

Or imagine the visual image of being left alone and then replace it with a positive image of being included. Imagine the positive until the negative disappears.

This helps to release the hold that the feelings of abandonment may have on you. And it helps to put things into perspective.

With a new perspective, and a positive feeling about the next step, great things can happen.

Try it. It helps.

Here is a video talking about when I first started turning negative to positive in my mind.

Exersize Dreams: Taking Back Control


In the dream, I am doing sit-ups in a gym with three heavy-weight body builders, of the Arnold Schwarzenegger variety. At first, they were doing their thing, lifting weights, and I was doing mine, sit-ups, and we were side by side on mats. Then the three of them decided they didn’t want me there anymore and they started making comments and movements indicating I should go. But my goal was to do sit ups and I didn’t want to stop, so I just moved over a couple inches to give one guy more room on a mat and then I pulled out  my ankle weights and put them on and kept doing sit ups. They looked at one another baffled and then just carried on with their weight-lifting.


Just yesterday I posted something about Super Powers in dreams and also how one personal trainer is using the metaphor of Super Heros to encourage those he is working with. Usually when we think of super hero powers we think of people doing things which seem humanly impossible, such as flying or walking through walls, or lifting things that are extra-ordinarily heavy, or having skin which can’t be permeated by bullets.

This dream is reminding me of the experience I’ve had in life, where I wanted to do something simple, such as sit ups in a gym, but where it took super-human effort to achieve what others would think of as a simple, no-brainer kind of a goal.

In the dream, it took super-human mental strength to stay in that environment when the three men could squish me like a flea. They out numbered me and out strengthed me physically by about 100x.

Yet, I stayed put and continued on uninterrupted. This is a positive dream and it means I should keep going forward now in positive ways.

There is more I can write about the symbols and metaphors but at the moment, I don’t have the heart for it. I’ll re-visit it at another time.


Daily Dream Journal

October 17, 2016

In the dream, I was taking care of my grandmother who was very ill and frail. My mother had been taking care of her but then left. My grandmother had been put in a chair to rest and sleep but it wasn’t comfortable. As soon as my mother was gone, she asked me to help her into the bed. I noticed it was a pull-out couch bed and there were parts of the mattress missing and it looked uncomfortable but she insisted so I helped her in.

Her body was so old & so frail. I wanted her to be comfortable and happy.

Animal Dreams: An Elephant & An Alligator

It was a short dream..like a fable. A fiesty and sneaky alligator was sneaking down a street. A wise and smart elephant pretended his truck was an alligator and was walking down the other side of the street. The real alligator was scared of the pretend alligator and froze in his tracks then the elephant zoomed quick like a ninja behind the alligator and jumped on him. Then the elephant pounded the alligators head with his foot fast like martial arts lol. I turned away in the dream because I don’t like violence and from the corner of my eye I saw the alligator died. The road was safe again. Thank you ninja elephant lolol.