A Flying Dream

November 23, 2016

I am walking in a big open space at night with a couple others. When we get near the centre of the clearing I bounce off the ground and begin to fly in the air. It’s like I have a jet pack. I can steer and direct. I go as high as I like until the atmosphere changes and then soar back down without issue. There are some electrical wires but I can maneuver in and around them. I land and the others are curious about what I’ve done. So I just do it again, knowing they are watching me. It feels so great to fly like this.

Flying dreams are about vision and the future.

This dream in particular indicates progress in a certain area I used to be challenged with.

Since adolescence, I would dream of flying very high into the atmosphere but then coming down with great speed and discomfort.

Last night’s dream was really the first flying dream which I’ve enjoyed and it gives me hope that I can now navigate through some challenges which used to bring me down.

Now being able to stay Up and enjoy, I should be able to do some pretty neat things with my time.

Daily Dream Journal

August 14, 2016

In the dream last night I was thinking a lot. There was a crime going on around me and I had nearly pieced it together.

Being so close to a criminal scared me and I was torn between going closer to get more information and backing off to protect myself.

It was like a serial killer was right in front of me, doing his dirty work.

And I really had to debate how close was safe to get.

When I woke up there were flashes and images of the dream and thoughts about trying to figure something out and mixed feelings of apprehension (fear) and excitement.

But by the time I got to the computer to record the dream the details of the images vanished and I’m left with only what I shared here.

I dreamed about Agile…

In the dream, I’m sitting in a classroom. Someone is writing something on the board, two points about Agile.

I have a notebook infront of me and have been learning steadily.

I ask questions about what he wrote. My questions are so profound and thought-provoking that I can tell they catch him off guard. He doesn’t expect me to understand the concept so thoroughly.

He expects that I am a student in the class and know less than him but my question reveals that I understand the implications of what he’s teaching and the far-reaching effects.

He’s embarrassed to admit it so he stalls.

He reminds us that it is close to lunch time and hints at coming back to the conversation after the meal but the class is now intrigued by my question and they indicate they don’t mind waiting for lunch to hear the answer.

Of course, he has no answer and then he looks to me to solve it.

I think for a moment of how to reply so as to not embarrass him but still convey the message to the class and those who want to learn.

I speak to him about the insight and it inspires a new way of looking at things.

The students are discussing it and we become engaged in a meaningful conversation. It’s really great.

Daily Dream Journal – Kissing an old friend

I am kissing an old friend. The kiss is playful and sweet. It’s sensuous and safe. I think to myself that this is great and we should be together and then I remember that I’ve seen a flaw in his character and I cannot marry him.

He invites me onto a bouncy castle where there is a space to sleep on the top. We have slept there before. I remember the feeling. Now that I know we aren’t getting married I think I should not sleep there beside him again.

I stay below and am in a small apartment/house. We are getting ready for a very long journey, north. He has the directions and plans to do some of the driving. I’m ready to drive too.

Nervous. But ready.

How To Handle New Growth – A Beginner’s Guide To Embracing Your True Self

Many people want growth, change and transformation. Never has it been more obvious to the people of the world that we need to change than now. Mainstream media, social media and alternative news sources plaster all over their channels just how bad the state of the world is now. Never have things been more divided than now. That is why the solution most needed is Unity.

The reason we don’t have Unity yet is because in order to move from a state of chaos to a unified state of Oneness and equality, true growth is needed. The problem is, many people who are getting a lot of power from the way things are now do not want to grow. They do not want to change. When opportunities for True Growth show up, they can’t handle it.

This topic, how to handle new growth, is explored more in a series which is being published in daily increments, as well as in a newsletter, YouTube and e-books.

The good thing is that not everyone is afraid to Really Grow. Some people want to change and they go for it when they see it. Because profound change means identifying fears and transforming them, then often times people going through growth need lots of encouragement.

That is the context for this description on How To Handle Growth.

Sometimes people don’t want to change but then life throws them into situations where they really must. If they ignore the call to change, they might find themselves feeling unsettled, perhaps getting sick, having nightmares or being unable to function the way they used to. This is why it’s good to have an understanding of how to look at a nightmare and use the message to transform. Dreams and nightmares are one of the VERY best ways to uncover unconscious fears and ego-driven patterns which lead to abasement or devastation.

In other words, there is no more powerful tool out there today which can unravel the mystery of a person’s life than to fully understand a dreamwork process which eliminates (almost entirely) fears and engenders courage.

Understanding the unconscious message of a dream also helps the dreamer find what is really good about themselves or their lives or about the world in general.

Here is a good example of a dream with a lot of positive potential:

I am exiting an SUV in the parking lot of a large building, like a mall. A woman sitting in the back goes into labour. Someone beside me with more skill is expected to starting helping but she doesn’t so I open the woman’s jeans and prepare to catch the baby. I hold my arms open and someone guides the baby into my arms. Then I hold her and we turn her over to get the mucus out of her nose and open her mouth way. She starts crying and it’s beautiful. For some reason I keep holding her as though she’s my baby and we all start walking together into the building.

The best part of this dream is that the dreamer was ready to deliver the baby even though she wasn’t a doctor and didn’t feel experienced or ready. She still did well and had no issues. This symbolizes that in real life, the dreamer is good at handling growth. A baby is a symbol for qualities of Growth. In real life, a baby has an infinite amount of possibilities and potentialities for growth and change. The symbol of a baby in a dream marks this capacity in the dreamer.

So, the dreamer can ask herself:

Where in my life is there the biggest opportunity for growth right now?

What is happening around me which I cannot control and feel under-qualified for but which I can actually be quite competent with?

Since there are no negative aspects of this dream, then it is meant as a message to the dreamer to really feel competent and comfortable with what is before her and to take the time needed to nurture opportunities for growth in the slow and tender way that babies are nurtured.

Sometimes growth is about enthusiasm and diving right in. But sometimes it is about being slow, tender, nurturing and gentle. These are the qualities she used when delivering the baby so these are the qualities she can use today to nurture the growth in her life now.