I dreamed about Agile…

In the dream, I’m sitting in a classroom. Someone is writing something on the board, two points about Agile.

I have a notebook infront of me and have been learning steadily.

I ask questions about what he wrote. My questions are so profound and thought-provoking that I can tell they catch him off guard. He doesn’t expect me to understand the concept so thoroughly.

He expects that I am a student in the class and know less than him but my question reveals that I understand the implications of what he’s teaching and the far-reaching effects.

He’s embarrassed to admit it so he stalls.

He reminds us that it is close to lunch time and hints at coming back to the conversation after the meal but the class is now intrigued by my question and they indicate they don’t mind waiting for lunch to hear the answer.

Of course, he has no answer and then he looks to me to solve it.

I think for a moment of how to reply so as to not embarrass him but still convey the message to the class and those who want to learn.

I speak to him about the insight and it inspires a new way of looking at things.

The students are discussing it and we become engaged in a meaningful conversation. It’s really great.

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