A Flying Dream

November 23, 2016

I am walking in a big open space at night with a couple others. When we get near the centre of the clearing I bounce off the ground and begin to fly in the air. It’s like I have a jet pack. I can steer and direct. I go as high as I like until the atmosphere changes and then soar back down without issue. There are some electrical wires but I can maneuver in and around them. I land and the others are curious about what I’ve done. So I just do it again, knowing they are watching me. It feels so great to fly like this.

Flying dreams are about vision and the future.

This dream in particular indicates progress in a certain area I used to be challenged with.

Since adolescence, I would dream of flying very high into the atmosphere but then coming down with great speed and discomfort.

Last night’s dream was really the first flying dream which I’ve enjoyed and it gives me hope that I can now navigate through some challenges which used to bring me down.

Now being able to stay Up and enjoy, I should be able to do some pretty neat things with my time.

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