Daily Dream Journal – Baby Born

I am exiting an SUV in the parking lot of a large building, like a mall. A woman sitting in the back goes into labour. Someone beside me with more skill is expected to starting helping but she doesn’t so I open the woman’s jeans and prepare to catch the baby. I hold my arms open and someone guides the baby into my arms. Then I hold her and we turn her over to get the mucus out of her nose and open her mouth way. She starts crying and it’s beautiful. For some reason I keep holding her as though she’s my baby and we all start walking together into the building.



Alligator Dreams: Start Looking For Opportunity

In the dream I’m watching myself talk with someone about alligators in the creek. There is a narration like National Geographic. There is clearly no threat. They are after one another. When they jump into the larger lake I say to the other, “those were alligators, right?” and made not of how their noses were different than crocodiles.

When I woke up I had the answer to a question I’d been thinking about: what is the difference between an alligator & a snake. Why is a snake worse? A snake is worse because of it’s poison for one thing and also because of its size. This dream also made me think how alligators & crocodiles take turns stunning & eating its prey which is more collective & cooperative while a snake is a solitary figure. Crocs also only attack for food I believe…and a snake will attack just because it’s frightened and protecting its position.

Then I dreamed of being on a trip of sorts with a large group of people, some from high school. I did not want to get involved in their foolishness & games and stayed on the grass while they swam.

But eventually I did. The images are blurry & miscellaneous. I swam. I waited in lines. I climbed stairs. The pool was crowded and uncomfortable. I couldn’t relax. When walking back to the car or bus I saw someone I care about getting his picture taken with friends. I noticed that even though he looked happy in every photo in-between he always did the same thing, so it was like he was putting on a happy face just for the photo. I realized I had nothing to be afraid of. There was nothing to be jealous about.

At one point, I wanted to rest & the busy-ness prevented me. A Persian friend I’ve known since childhood asked if he could help. I said there are times I did things differently just so you did not get angry. Now these people are doing things intentionally to try to get me angry. They should stop but they won’t so I have to take a lot of care. There’s really nothing you can do besides know that this is what is going on and respect my need for rest when I need it. He said, “Okay. Sure.”

This shows me that there was an issue which started in high school where I would see others interacting regularly. Sometimes they were kind to one another & sometimes they were cruel. So I wanted little to do with them. I chose a friend who didn’t ever hurt with her words or actions. She had no anger issues at all. With her, I never had to worry that she would say or so something to hurt me in anyway. She was a very good friend. 

This dream is showing me that now this is the kind of friend I can be when others have alligators in their lives metaphorically. 

The person in the dream who was getting his picture taken is the one surrounded by metaphoric alligators. By jumping, swimming, climbing I can help them stay more real and not just put on a happy face but really feel true joy in being connected with their True Self.

Feet Dreams: Taking a Step Even When You Don’t Know What Comes Next

Years ago, I had several dreams in a row where I was doing Reiki sessions for men. In the dream, I would be doing Reiki session on their feet and the wounds in their feet would heal

I didn’t really know what that meant at all. Richard said it meant I would be able to help men heal. I didn’t think that was possible. I didn’t even know if I was interested in that.

But then someone I care about ran a race and in the last half of the race their feet became numb. They ran anyway without complaining but it got me to thinking about the feet. The symbol of them. And also their work in a race.

Later, someone else I care about dreamed about having both feet cut off. Now the metaphor has my attention.

So what is it that I can say or do or write which will speak to this issue of feet? How is this different than the image of a bike in a dream? How does having strong feet make life so much better for men and for the women they love, their wives, partners, daughters?

Here’s what I know so far:

Feet in dreams are symbols for steps to take to get to where you want to go.

Remember: we humans have two natures – high and low. 

If we have experienced a lot of pain or trauma in the past (which everyone has to some degree or another) then what happens is the memory stays with us for a long time and we develop certain fears around the area where the trauma occurred. We might change our behaviours around a certain thing in order to do what we feel will keep us safe.

The problem is we were not meant to live in fear and sometimes what we do in order to say “safe” might actually prevent us from doing what our True Self wants us to do.

In this case, if the pattern sticks, it can be like the feet are cut-off metaphorically and it means not being able to take steps in the direction your True Self wants you to go.

If you dream of your feet having wounds, or being cut off all together, it means the trauma in your life (in the past?) has stopped you from doing what you are fully capable of. The dream wants you to notice this so you can heal from it and then take positive steps in a direction which will help you and others around you.

What you can do today is ask yourself: where in my life do I want to do something but I am holding myself back? What am I afraid of? What is one small thing I can do in the direction of facing my fear instead of letting it change what I want to do?

The experience of doing the difficult thing actually feels like you are being attracted to the difficult thing. It feels like you are seeing something really negative, noticing it is negative and not avoiding it. Usually big emotions open up after an exercise like this. Maybe crying, or shouting, or hiding. For everyone its different.

But just try it and see what happens.

What’s the worst that could happen?

You will just learn more about yourself and others and the environment we all live in and be a strong person for it!

Do it today! I believe in you and am rooting for you!!


Daily Dream Journal & Remembering Dreams

I am in a setting I am unfamiliar with and people I don’t know well are there. Something is going on which everyone seems to understand except me. It feels like I’m a detective. That there is a crime or a mystery going on around me in secret. I feel like if I just take it easy I’ll figure out what’s going on and people will be happy about it.

Dreams like this one used to come up a lot when I was a child. They either left me confused and unable to write or describe anything or they left me so inspired and impassioned in writing that I could write out a dream scenario in 12 or more pages. Filled with crime, mystery intrigue, detectives, criminals, deceit, and heroes. When I learned that Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein was based on a nightmare I felt I could write a book based on my nightmares too. They were that scary.

When I was a child, I was not able to understand or work with these mysterious dreams which would reoccur at regular intervals.

Now as an adult I feel I’m ready.

And the journey begins.


Nightmares: What to do when a negative person is in your house?

In the dream, a Master Manipulator was in my house. He was saying and doing negative things. Just sneaking in one, two or three word comments, nearly under his breath and barely audible. They were negative words and they hurt my heart and they made me want to run away but it was my house and we were standing in the kitchen so I wanted him to leave.

The feeing which took over me was as if I was engulfed in a grey smoke and I had no control over my extremities. I couldn’t speak, nor could I move. I just felt that I did not want his words to devastate me because it took so much time to heal afterwards. It was as though I imagined a shield around me, a white shield of light, and nothing he said could effect me. But also while I was imagining this I couldn’t move either.

I was terrified that if i did the wrong thing he would hurt me and my daughter so I let him do and say anything he wanted.

I was waiting for those moments when he went away.

Then when he was gone I knew I could be by myself and recover from the pain of being in the same space as him.

I remembered that even after he left it was like his sickness would be all over me. In my head, in my heart, even my body felt sick just from being in his presence.

Then suddenly something changed and I could speak.

I repeated back to him his nasty words. It stunned him to hear his words.

Whenever he spoke I just said the things back to him.

He couldn’t deny his words were hurtful and inappropriate.

As he paused in thinking about this, I began to move about the space.

I was afraid that if I showed him where he was so negative and hurtful he would become angry with me, but in fact he didn’t. He just paused, confused.

And I was free from his grip. I could take a few steps and then I woke up.


A house is a symbol of self. 

In this dream, I am in the kitchen of a house I used to live in. So that means this dream is about a pattern of thinking & behaving which started when I lived in this house in the past.

It shows me where I have made progress – that now when people say small negative things I can actually repeat the words back to them and I do not have to be afraid of their anger anymore. 


To apply this learning today, what I can do is notice where in my day does someone say or do something with a very small negative statement. Instead of letting it go I can just repeat it back to them.

The way this helps is that it causes them to think about the words they are using. And because I reflect this back to them I am not absorbing the negative tone of the words. It prevents me from getting tangled up in a conflict or drama. It keeps me feeling light and easy and I can move about in my space again. 

Since the setting of this dream was a house it means that as I consciously make this change in real life, I will be developing a new part of myself. This is a new part which not only does not let negative people in, but also knows how to get them out and in fact, knows how to teach others to do the same.