Daily Dream Diary – Going into a New Place

I have arrived at my destination after a long drive in wintery weather. I go into a small diner. Everyone can tell I'm new to town so they look at me with some hostility. I grab a bottle of OJ and look at the menu. There's nothing I want on it so I walk out. … Continue reading Daily Dream Diary – Going into a New Place


2061: A Bomb on Vacation

(This is a DRAFT of a chapter of a sci-fi book with a working title of 2061) Hiding From the Undescribed Future I rush into the public bathroom which seems to only have on person in it. Looks like there is one woman at the mirror and another in a stall. One comes in behind … Continue reading 2061: A Bomb on Vacation

Daily Dream Diary – Adopting Children

In the dream, someone I had a crush on in university kissed me. In another part, a friend who I'm doing a documentary with asked me to adopt her 3 children. Even though I have less money than her, less space in my home, and less support than she has I still said yes. We … Continue reading Daily Dream Diary – Adopting Children

Animal Dream: Sting Ray

December 28, 2016 A few days ago I dreamed of a Sting Ray in my livingroom.  A Sting Ray is a large ocean creature which isn't aggressive by nature like a shark. I checked out a few things about Sting Rays and this is what I found about their behaviour. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6roNqrA3tsw They like to swim … Continue reading Animal Dream: Sting Ray

Daily Dream Journal – In a canoe & some violence

I see someone with a knife, a teenager, who plans to use it to harm someone I care about. I think of how to kick it out of their hands. There is a large motor home and I see it on the street. A woman is clinging to the front of it, not able to … Continue reading Daily Dream Journal – In a canoe & some violence

Positive Visualization For Transformation

Try this: See yourself doing something you want to do - for example, vaccuuming the floor Hear what negative thoughts arise when you think about doing this See the source of that voice - turn it down When you see and hear that the source of this voice is gone continue on your work