Collision Dream: Multiple Car Pile Up

– from 11pm – 4pm I was down by the water, the blvd, at a mass car collision involving multiple cars, trucks, and it looked like a train

  • i reported on the event in my phone
  • but i couldn’t take photos because the battery was low
  • couldn’t send images/video because of tech barriers

the next day i went to a team meeting and i was tired. when i told people were i had been and what had happened, they didn’t fully believe me because i had no evidence 😦

I also dreamed of two people talking bad about me.

I had been trying to work but didn’t understand what was asked of me.

There was a huge pile of cans & soda bottles in the toilets. I’d have to clean them up to be able to even use it. I was bleeding.

Then someone thought I was watching a little girl and she walked into a pole and started bleeding.

Then someone wrote me a 17-page email.

They wanted me to do a task for them but I forgot.

It was horrible.

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