Daily Dream Journal: Air in a Bike Tire

In the dream, I’m in a large football field type area. I’m laying down on a single bed and there is someone on the other side of the field. Eventually I go to them or they come to me and we are together deciding where to go next.

I have a bike which needs air in the tire and we decide to go down the street to fill it up.


Dream Analysis

Field = mind, in this case playful

Bed = Rest

Bike = A way to get to where your going, faster than feet, slower but more agility than a car, independence

Getting Air in Tire = Air is about future…so doing things to move into an independent future



Wake up and move playfully into a positive future!

Connecting with my capacity to do so.

Daily Dream Diary – Raising a Son

I dreamed I had sex with O.R,  got pregnant with his baby, birthed it, and was nursing it until about two. He came over and sat beside me. It was such a beautiful moment. I was nursing our son and sitting beside his father who I loved. He was apologizing for having wanted to be with other girls in the past and then now he just sat beside me an was excited about our baby, who looked a lot like him and had bright blue eyes.
He told me he bought me water a Sea-Doo and made a video and gave me high quality video equipment . I was holding our baby, nursing him, listening him tell me how much he loves me and I could see the Sea-Doo in my minds eye and felt so excited and curious about the new experience .
There was lots of other stuff that went on…a presentation I participated in, didn’t like it so I left, moving into a place or settling further into the one I already had and finding my hand weights and gathering them to use them. The other girls were backing off because they saw how strong we were.

Miscellaneous Dream Images

January 15, 2017

  • walking along a snowy path and seeing a baby in pink. picking her up and finding it was a doll
  • there was another baby in pink too but it was real and others showed me. i said someone who didn’t know there were two babies would think this one was real
  • the cold didn’t bother me
  • in another part i was in a pool
  • there was an obstacle course
  • there were two guys from CPS and one was invited to watch a movie with me but then when the time came i told him never mind


Find Meaning in Your Dreams – How to Get Over the Myth That “Dreams are just random images”

20160911_091843It’s probably the biggest myth out there about dreams. This idea that “dreams are just random images made up by the brain” or “dreams are just caused by food being digested” and other non-sense should just be forgotten. These beliefs are out-dated, wrong, and serve no purpose but to try to shut down the innate ability of the mind, body and soul to continue to advance and grow through life.

There are likely 5 key ideas which I can point to that will help to dissolve this myth. There are probably 5000 ways to look at this concept but I’ll stick with 5. It’s much easier this way.

5 Keys To Finding Meaning in Dreams – Dissolving the Myth

Myth # 1 – Dreams Don’t Mean Anything

The purpose of someone believing this and saying it to others is rooted in fear. When we believe that dreams don’t mean anything we can shut down that part of ourselves which is trying to help us process the biggest challenges in life. Most of society doesn’t know useful ways of dealing with negative emotions like fear, anger or jealousy. So they just want to avoid, hide or run away. Saying a dream doesn’t mean anything is like avoiding and running away from the positive messages.

Myth #2 – Dreams are Caused by Spicy Foods

Some say dreams are just the brain doing it’s work on overtime after we are asleep and while the foods we ate are being digested then images come to the mind’s eye in the form of a dream. While this may have a kernel of truth in it, even then, the types of images which come as a result of the food still convey the inner state and opportunities for the dreamer. No one person will have the same dream after eating the same meal. This is because the dreaming experience is different for everyone. This is because there is meaning for everyone which is personalized.

Myth # 3 – Dreams are not that important and are better forgotten

Some think there is not that much value in a dream and if they are not already naturally remembering the dreams they do not put that much effort into trying to remember. The danger in this is that the life experience and consciousness of the dreamer then stays limited to this physical plane of existence which is so fundamentally tied to just material conditions of survival and which is so negatively influenced by forces of materialism and greed. To rise above these forces, great effort is needed. With experience in dreaming, an individual can gather strength to rise above the conscious and unconscious conditioning which limits them. When dreams are forgotten, a person is more likely inclined to make themselves susceptible to manipulation and maybe even abuse.

Myth # 4 – Dreams are for Dreamers

There is this idea that a dreamer is a certain kind of airy-fairy person who has set their sights high but who can’t always achieve the goal. A “dreamer” is someone who wants things to be better and may have some practical ideas in day-to-day life but who goes along with the general stereotype that “better things are go come” even if their life isn’t working out well for them and has no real signs of getting better. The myth is that there is some sort of connection between traveling to the dreamworld at night and having a daydream of better things to come during the waking hours. While there may be a nugget of truth in this because of the shared use of imagination, still, to discredit a nighttime dream as being “just a dream” for “dreamers” is to negate a wealth of important and valuable insight into life and Self. Entertaining this myth can sabotage good efforts towards change by minimizing the insights of someone who dreams at night.

Myth # 5 – Nightmares are Bad

Most times when people start to try to understand their dreams its because of strong nightmares that are having them wake up to things they didn’t want to be aware of. The really positive thing about a nightmare is that it shows the strongest and worst of the fears and that is so great because then these big emotions can be worked with and changed and can transform into the positive opposite. The only way to eliminate a fear is to first realize it’s there. It’s important to make it conscious. Nightmares are the perfect vehicle for gaining this type of self-awareness. Nightmares and fears are not bad. They are good because they show all the areas where learning and growth can take place!

So there you have it. 5 key myths held by our somewhat out-dated North American ideas and the real truth about them. Why do people hold on to these myths so closely? I suspect it is because there are parts of themselves which they do not want to face but now and again those shadowy parts show up in dreams or what some would call a nightmare. Instead of noticing the fear and working through it, they just use these myths to discredit it. Now I am giving you tools to work with the nightmare instead. Work with it, work with them and in time you will discover very wonderful discoveries and opportunities better than your wildest dreams. 

Child’s Dream: Helping Them Become Their True Selves

A child told me this dream recently:

I was hired by Tim Burton, who is the director for strange & creepy movies, to be the party-planner for his birthday. When I went looking for the DollarTree I couldn’t find any or it was closed. When I went back to him my mom was there and a friend. We told him what happened. Then I turned into a unicorn, my mom turned into a clown & my friend turned into a monkey.  We went down the street and found the store was open and we got every thing we needed.

The key about this dream is that the child sees herself as being negative when she is hired as a party-planner and doing what he wants and she sees herself as positive when she is like a unicorn.

The challenge for her will be to detach from the old way of organizing things in a sneaky way and to let herself be playful and happy with her mom & her friend.

Then when good things happen it will feel magical and will be like a real celebration.