Daily Dream Journal: Making Culture Conscious

There’s a certain kind of dream I have which is so convoluted when I wake up I can’t make heads or tails of it.

There is this strong feeling of wanting to understand, of wanting to be involved, of wanting to help, to contribute, to serve.

But the images in the dream are of people doing things and not telling me what they are doing. There is no beginning, middle or end of things. Everyone seems to be understanding what everyone else is doing but there is no clear indication of what that is.

And what I hear is people talking to one another about things which make no sense to me. Names, terms, places – they just babble on about things and everyone seems to know what they are referring to.

When I wake up from those dreams I feel tired before the day even begins.

I used to not know what these types of dreams meant but I think I understand more now.

This type of dream is reflecting the way people unconsciously live in a culture. The reason I have had the experience of wanting to participate but not knowing how is because I have moved so many times to so many cities.

People probably think that because these were all Canadian cities, and most of them in Ontario, that there probably wasn’t that much difference between one place to the next.

Sure, some things are the same.

But many things are different.

I’ll write more about that later.

But for now I just can realize my dreams are signalling this experience again.

It’s not easy but I’ll work through it and enjoy the process and write about it.

The good thing about sharing like this is that it by writing about it I can make what is unconscious in culture more conscious. Then what is negative can be removed and what is positive can be developed and increased.

That is the meaning of the work I do and the purpose and intention.

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