Dreamwork: Dreams of Exs never mean it’s time to get back together

Walking in a dream is about moving forward step by step

I dreamed last night I was on a bus. The bus crashed on the hwy. So every one was standing on the side of the hwy waiting to get picked up but I decided I was just gonna walk. I walked off the next off ramp and my ex was there in her car. It was T.  She offered me a ride so I jumped in and she looked beautiful for some reason and we started talking about the past and how much fun we had and we decided to try again to see if we could be together. Then I woke up.

Being on a bus means going somewhere that has a lot of options and is positive for a lot of people. It is like a car in that it is a vehicle which can steer around obstacles but it can take large number of people for the ride, which cars cannot do.

Whenever a vehicle shows up in a dream and the dreamer is not the driver the first question to ask is: what is stopping you from being the driver for what you want in your life? Most likely it is a memory of a fearful event which causes some hesitation about going forward.

In this case, the dreamer has no interest in being in the bus at all so he gets out and walks.

Walking is a great thing to do. The symbolism of it means to do something step by step. It’s great he can go for a walk in the dream it means in real life when there is a metaphorical bus crash (things not going his way) then he is willing to change directions, change plans and do something altogether different. That’s really great!

The problem is that the dream wants him to give driving a bus a try. That’s why the dream came right now. Remember: it’s useful to think of dreams as coming from our Higher Self, a part of ourself which knows what’s best for us. Some would even think of dreams coming from a Higher Power with a Will which is greater than ours, and that the more we can surrender to this Will the better our lives will be.

Here are some questions to ask yourself with a dream like this:

  1. Where in real life is there a bus crash? (where are things not going as planned)
  2. What is the biggest challenge about this crash/issue? A good way to find the biggest challenge is to notice where there are a lot of emotions which might show up as anger, or sadness, or confusion, etc. Wherever that emotion shows up, that is the big issue.
  3. What would it take to get into the driver’s seat of the bus? What would it take to avoid the crash?
  4. What happened inside the bus which caused it to crash?

In the end, the dreamer was okay. He just found an ex-girl friend and felt good about himself again.

Whenever an ex shows up in real life REMEMBER this is not literal. It does not mean go out and re-connect with the person in real life. 

What it means is that there is a quality which can develop from the learning around that relationship.

What is the quality?

What can the dreamer develop? It’s probably something around Peacefulness or Gentleness.

When the dreamer has this quality more developed then it will be like he is driving a bus to destinations he really wants to go and because he has so much Peacefulness he can get there without crashing.


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