Daily Dream Diary – Raising a Son

I dreamed I had sex with O.R,  got pregnant with his baby, birthed it, and was nursing it until about two. He came over and sat beside me. It was such a beautiful moment. I was nursing our son and sitting beside his father who I loved. He was apologizing for having wanted to be with other girls in the past and then now he just sat beside me an was excited about our baby, who looked a lot like him and had bright blue eyes.
He told me he bought me water a Sea-Doo and made a video and gave me high quality video equipment . I was holding our baby, nursing him, listening him tell me how much he loves me and I could see the Sea-Doo in my minds eye and felt so excited and curious about the new experience .
There was lots of other stuff that went on…a presentation I participated in, didn’t like it so I left, moving into a place or settling further into the one I already had and finding my hand weights and gathering them to use them. The other girls were backing off because they saw how strong we were.

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