Dreamwork: Old Radio & Telephone

A while ago I was looking at this dream about an old radio.

Here are the steps I take to understand the dream’s message.

  1. What are the major nouns – person, place & things.
    • In this case, its a radio
  2. Where is the main activity? What is the setting?
    • In an old apartment with an old man
  3. What is the plot?
    • There isn’t really one
  4. What/Where is the main conflict?
    • Individual/External forces (weather/war/environmental)
    • Individual/Others (other people)
    • Individual/Themselves (an inner conflict within the individual’s self)
    • In this case, it is all three
  5. What is the resolution?
    • Having understanding and focusing on other things


When there is an old man in a dream, with old technology, in an old apartment it means there’s work to be done to not do things the old way.

So a dreamer can find the most challenging point of the dream scenerio and then think of how something could be different.

In the case of this dream, the change showed up in a second dream in which I was talking on the phone.

In the second dream I was inviting an old friend to attend a day-long event with me at a school. She said yes and we were working things out. I was thinking of people who do not behave kindly around others and I didn’t want her to get hurt yet I wanted to include her. I felt like I was about 12. This means it’s an old issue I have from when I was 12 and that in time I can work through this issue and it can no longer influence me at all.

I can see today how it would apply and when I process the dream I can make decisions based on a new understanding of my fears and my desire to protect others.

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