Dream: Driving my own Truck!

In the dream, I had been driving a grey truck, excellent solid, new strong truck, for a long distance. It had the feeling of Fort McMurray northern environment and I had finally arrived. The road I was on was gravel and there was a slope on both sides that went down to a house on the one side and maybe a farm, or industry on the other. I parked the truck with skill in an area near construction so that it was perpendicular across the road and no one else could pass. I signaled to someone, a farmer perhaps, was it okay that I parked here and they signaled said yes.

I got out, was playing with the keys between my fingers, assessing the surroundings, taking it all in. What a great feeling to have arrived.

When I first woke up there was a sense of some dream images from where I had come from and a sense of some that followed this scenario.

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