How To Deal With Robbers – Metaphorically & Literally

Cell phone = modern communication

Last night I dreamed Y.E. entered my house with the intention to rob me. As I was trying to find a phone and a place to call 911 two others entered. They were very tall First Nations men who wanted to rob the house and maybe kill anyone who got in their way. 

I was trying to get the people out of the house and to safety and found my sister making out with Y.E’s brother. But I was able to pull her away. Eventually I found a phone, called 911 and got through and even gave the right address. They said they were on their way.

Then I left out the front door to escape because I didn’t want to wait around and get hurt. As I was going down the long stair case I had to walk really slowly because the steps were filled with little ceramic garden gnomes and trolls. I managed to get to the bottom without breaking anything and ran away.

When a robber shows up in a dream like this and it is somewhat negative, two good questions to ask your Self are 1) In real life, who is trying to take something from me and also 2) Where in my life am I robbing my own Self?

Answers to these questions help to move through the issue, identify the threats, acknowledge the fears, flip the negatives and strengthen the positives.

This dream is like so many others I’ve had. It’s a re-occurring issue for me. The fear of being robbed and shot at sometimes prevents me from doing what I really want to do in life.

Being shot at is a metaphor for being shot down with negative criticism. In my past there were many people who spoke negatively to me or behind my back. Now that my story is becoming more and more public people seem to think that they can say anything they want about me and unfortunately, our culture seems bent on trying to make others look bad in order to try to make themselves look good.

Since one of the figures was an actual person from my past this dream does force me to consider the way in which a negative figure entered my life, and I can look at how I allowed my Self to be robbed of who I really was and what I really wanted in life.

This issue likely comes up a lot for women who have been in relationships where the man had an ego which liked to put him on top all the time and he didn’t care who he hurt on the way up nor who he hurt in the battle to stay on top.

Calling 911 in a dream and getting through is important because in real life reaching out for help is such a good way to change, to learn from the negative past, and to create a positive future.

In my dream I called 911 and I also made sure everyone was safe and I also fled. This shows a bit of progress in my own development because in the past I would have called 911 and then waited around for them, even if it meant I got hurt while waiting.

To leave indicates I am free from that old pattern now. It means that even when things are a bit challenging I can figure it out and do what I need to do so that I am not robbed, nor is anyone I care about.

When I write e-books and posts about self-defense, this is the reason I am doing it. I am seeking to share what I have learned through personal experience in a positive way to others who are still learning how to get out of negative situations so that their Self is protected and stays strong.

In upcoming posts I will continue on this theme and explore in more detail how I do what I do. I share openly because we are all connected and all learning together.


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