Dream: Ocean & Chocolate

31 March 2017

In the dream I had been somewhere else a bit chaotic. (I might remember more details later). But then I got to the ocean. I leaped onto a large inner tube and floated around. Others were doing their floating thing too but I didn’t join them directly. Just beside them. I am floating around bumping into other inner tubes. The group thinks what I want to do can’t be done. I am trying to gather them together or break out altogether. Others think it can’t be done. That’s why they don’t help.

So then, I’m standing on a wood dock and O.R. is with me, sort of pacing back and forth. He’s told his girl friend that he wants to break up with her, that it’s over between them. She has a little toddler in her hand but it seems to not be the child they had together in real life. She is walking back and forth, shouting. He’s trying to keep her as calm as possible. I’m watching the scene unfold from a distance.

Then it gets to a point where she calms down and becomes really logical. She just asks about money and paying bills and how the house will be divided and how visits with children will be arranged. They work it out until there is no more issues or conflict.

Then O.R. approaches me and says, “Hey, how’s it going? When did you get here?” I can’t tell if he saw me before and ignored me until now or if he really didn’t know I was there all along. Either way, I put my paper and pen away and we head upstairs to a grassy area.

While O.R. and I are talking my friend sees us and she says she thinks he and I are together. “No, we’ve just been friends since childhood,” I tell her. Then I take a piece of chocolate I’ve been eating and I put it into his mouth. She looks at me like, “come on. you two are perfect for each other.”

I like the feeling of putting the sweet chocolate in his mouth and the way he smiles when he receives it. We know what we have can’t be defined by labels like “girlfriend/boyfriend” anyways so it doesn’t matter what she thinks.

When I put the chocolate on his tongue I just feel so much love.

Dream: An Attacker in the Hospital/Police Station

30 March 2017

In real life something disturbing happened a few years ago.

My step-father entered my secured building without my signing him in, then he knocked on the door to my apartment without calling me first. When I opened the door he said a host of rude & crude things to me and tried to degrade me. He used verbal and physical force and while pushing me back into my apartment tried to pin me against a wall.

I quickly ducked down and ran to a friend’s apartment who let me in without any questions. He came to the door but then left.

That event really scared me. I reported it to the police but I never told anyone else about it until years later when the trauma was showing up in what people would call nightmares and I worked through the fear with a therapist.

Last night, that person was in my dream. So now when that happens it really gets my attention.

In the dream, at the beginning it is my birthday and I’m in a hospital room getting a check up. I don’t feel a lot of pain, but whatever the issue is, it is causing significant enough discomfort to warrant a doctor’s visit and they are willing to check it out.

Before this, I had been enjoying my birthday. Rhett & Link and Gracie and I were hanging out. Link was riding down the cement railing of an outdoor staircase, like a skate-boarder without a board, and Rhett was nearby encouraging him. We just had fun, hanging out.

Then in the hospital room I was asked to change but the blankets were all mixed up. I had an over-sized jacket, a sheet, a warm blanket and a hospital gown I was trying to make sense of and the doctor mentioned the jacket and there was something about being careful that the button hole didn’t show my nipple.

So I get the gown, jacket & blanket all sorted out and the doctor comes over. But right at that time this step-father shows up and maybe my mom and sister too. He sits down in a chair and is rattling off his mouth. I try to ignore him at first but then I see he won’t stop. I tell the doctor I am afraid of this man. The doctor doesn’t understand.

I stand up and I say “this man is a threat to me. I’m afraid of him and he has to leave.”

So then I now have the doctor’s attention and as I walk towards what I think is security I find the police station is attached to the hospital and I see a woman police officer who I worked with before.

I tell her there is a man here who is a trheat to me and she responds, “Good timing. We just brought someone in for questioning do you want to see how we do it?”

I say sure and I continue walking to follow her. She takes me into a small room with 4-5 other officers who welcome me with nods and smiles and then I see the person who has been arrested. She’s a woman with long hair. I take a seat in a chair nearby but out of the way and start taking notes.

That’s my dream.

There are some neat symbols in this dream. A hospital, a police station – places of healing & protection. Rhett & Link…symbols of people who are creative & successful not just in business but in friendship. My birthday…a metaphor for growth. Blankets…about how we cover up our self, protect ourselves. My step-dad…I guess he is a metaphor for how people can do something when no one is looking and think they can get away with it.

So a dream like this reminds me of a few of my strengths – creative & loyal like Rhett & Link, capacity to heal & recover, and capacity to point out a wrong and go for justice & protection.

My biggest issue is around the blanket/jacket thing but I seem to get it sorted out just fine.

It would be tempting to think of my step-dad as a literal situation and there are steps I can take to continue to follow up with what he did back then but even more interesting than this, and perhaps this is where the learning is, is to consider where in my life now is there someone who is like my step-dad and what kind of threat might he pose to me?

It means to consider ways in which the dream shows the metaphor for the same type of situation which is happening in real life, right now.

In other words, who is he a symbol for in real life?

The answer is not immediately clear. I’ll think about it.

Daily Dream Journal: Restaurant & Journalism

In the dream, I’m in a restaurant with a family member and extended family. My great-grandmother hugs me and then my mother & my sister. Then we all sit at a big table eating a meal.

In another part, we are traveling in a car & there is a youth who wants to be a journalist. I tell her about my experience of writing profiles & news and offer encouragement.

Transformation #9 – Day Three



The activity yesterday was to make a list of the various parts of your life and then describe how the virtue of Playfulness will assist you in each one. Today it is to think of people who have achieved what you are going for and consider what virtues they have that help them get there.

  1. Education/School Community – Could I interview the head of the school?
  2. Taxes/Finances – Could I interview whoever does my taxes?
  3. Expense Reports – Could I interview the person I’m submitting expense reports to?
  4. Pay my phone bill – Could I interview a family who has paid their bills regularly for years?
  5. Try to sort it out by Monday – Could I interview someone who has no issues with their phone service? Or someone who works for the phone company? Who founded the phone company? Virgin Mobile?
  6. Anger – Could I interview someone who has had a lot of anger and transformed it into something positive?
  7. Running – Could I interview someone who is an expert runner?
  8. Working – Could I interview someone who is in jail/was in jail and wrote something positive? Maybe read Nelson Mandella’s book.
  9. Relationships – Could I interview someone who has been married for more than 20 years?