Dream: Ocean & Chocolate

31 March 2017 In the dream I had been somewhere else a bit chaotic. (I might remember more details later). But then I got to the ocean. I leaped onto a large inner tube and floated around. Others were doing their floating thing too but I didn't join them directly. Just beside them. I am … Continue reading Dream: Ocean & Chocolate


Dream: An Attacker in the Hospital/Police Station

30 March 2017 In real life something disturbing happened a few years ago. My step-father entered my secured building without my signing him in, then he knocked on the door to my apartment without calling me first. When I opened the door he said a host of rude & crude things to me and tried … Continue reading Dream: An Attacker in the Hospital/Police Station

Daily Dream Journal: Restaurant & Journalism

In the dream, I'm in a restaurant with a family member and extended family. My great-grandmother hugs me and then my mother & my sister. Then we all sit at a big table eating a meal. In another part, we are traveling in a car & there is a youth who wants to be a … Continue reading Daily Dream Journal: Restaurant & Journalism

Transformation #9 – Day Three

  The activity yesterday was to make a list of the various parts of your life and then describe how the virtue of Playfulness will assist you in each one. Today it is to think of people who have achieved what you are going for and consider what virtues they have that help them get … Continue reading Transformation #9 – Day Three

Transformation #9 – Day Two – Playfulness

This is an excerpt from a transformation program journal entry from 2016. I'm posting it here to show the process of identifying a virtue/quality and then considering how to apply it in many areas of life. With diligence, it becomes easier & easier to experience the positive virtue/quality and let go of the negative feelings … Continue reading Transformation #9 – Day Two – Playfulness

Dream: Mixed images

In the dream, something happened. It was one of those kinds of dreams which is a whole bunch of seemingly unrelated images. I was swimming in a pool freely. On noodles. Freestyle. At one point everyone jumped in with their clothes on even. And because we all did it, it was really fun. Someone tried … Continue reading Dream: Mixed images