Dream: Ocean & Chocolate

31 March 2017 In the dream I had been somewhere else a bit chaotic. (I might remember more details later). But then I got to the ocean. I leaped onto a large inner tube and floated around. Others were doing their floating thing too but I didn't join them directly. Just beside them. I am … Continue reading Dream: Ocean & Chocolate


Dream: An Attacker in the Hospital/Police Station

30 March 2017 In real life something disturbing happened a few years ago. My step-father entered my secured building without my signing him in, then he knocked on the door to my apartment without calling me first. When I opened the door he said a host of rude & crude things to me and tried … Continue reading Dream: An Attacker in the Hospital/Police Station

Transformation #9 – Day Two – Playfulness

This is an excerpt from a transformation program journal entry from 2016. I'm posting it here to show the process of identifying a virtue/quality and then considering how to apply it in many areas of life. With diligence, it becomes easier & easier to experience the positive virtue/quality and let go of the negative feelings … Continue reading Transformation #9 – Day Two – Playfulness