FREE Dream Interpretation: Women’s Breasts in Dreams Symbolizes the Quality of Nurturing

Here is a dream someone sent me recently:

I dreamt last night I did I side job with 2 guys from work at a school. Then after I was sitting in my car and shot the shit with one of them for a while and he told me his life story. Then I was driving. Ya that’s right I drove. LOL. I was driving to go visit another taper when I got to a stop light some guy jumped in that needed a ride. So I guess I was gonna drive him some where but then he shoots a girl walking by the finger. She comes over and jumps in too I guess they were friends. Then she started flirting with me telling me about a hickey she has by her boob and then shows me her boobs I said thank you and then woke up.

Here’s my reply:

What a great dream! Thanks for sharing it!

What you are waking up to now is the nurturing side of your self which is symbolized by a woman’s breast. In real life, a woman’s breast is the first source of life for an infant and not only does it pass on to the baby all the anti-bodies it needs for a healthy and long-lasting life but it also creates a warm and close bond between the mother and baby which also lasts a life time.

The attraction to breasts in a dream is actually an attraction to the warm and nurturing qualities which some women really display easily.

This dream is really awesome. Sounds like you’re heading in the right direction in all areas! Keep up the good work.


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