Dream: Explosion, Water, a text

The best part of this dream is that even though there was an explosion in the distance with a plane hitting a building and the force of the explosion caused tsunami-type waves the outcome was really positive. We were a safe distance away and we were able to stay afloat on the water and not get pulled under.

In another part of the dream, someone wrote a text saying they thought they were bland and I was telling them, No, I don’t find them bland at all.

There was one other part of the dream where I was in a school. It was like I was checking it out to see if I could stay and work there and bring Gracie. I noticed that it was a school in a lower-income area and the kids were dressed poorly and eating unhealthily. I felt I’d love to work here to help the children. But then I saw that the students were really cruel to one another and they hurt each other and I didn’t want my daughter to be hurt by their negative behaviour. Then that evening there was a presentation in the auditorium and I realized there were a lot of Baha’is who were supporting this school and I thought it would be okay to join it.

During the day, I found my Y.E. was in the secretary’s office banging a drum and singing really loudly. It was disturbing everyone and disrupting their work but he didn’t care he just had to keep banging his drum & hollering. I left the area and thought how disturbed he must be. He just likes to hear the sound of his own voice.


I have seen all this before.

When it showed up before I was ill-equipped to deal with it because the negative figure in my life was so much better at being negative than I was at being good – but now I have skills, capacities, experience and confidence which allows me to experience things which are mildly or extremely negative and still move forward without issue.




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