Dream of Taekwondo, working with the metaphor

16586984_900950986674344_4894603575126233385_o(This is a relatively advanced post about dreamwork, metaphors and real life application. It will make more sense to those who have read through the 19-Day Transformation Program and/or Dreamwork Module 1: How To Interpret Your Dreams. If the ideas presented in this post interest you, please consider purchasing through the e-books so you can also experience high degrees of success and happiness through understanding the messages of your dreams and applying solutions which really work.)

Taekwondo is an interesting metaphor.

One of the things I like the most about Taekwondo is that it is based on the ancient teachings of traditional Martial Arts but it has evolved and changed into a modern sport. Along with Boxing, Karate, Wrestling, Judo and Fencing it is an Olympic sport and as such will be included in the 2020 Olympics in Japan. Participating athletes are extremely skilled.

Today I’ve been reflecting on the metaphor of Taekwondo when it shows up in a dream.

This is a sport in which individual athletes face their opponents, one-to-one, and the goal is to try to get them to go off balance, to lose their center, to lose their focus. Each athlete has the goal or agenda to win and the smartest, most skilled athlete achieves this by getting points for each punch or kick to the opponent. High kicks to the head get the most points. Also the more complex the kick the more points are awarded.

Recently I dreamed of someone wanting to learn Taekwondo from me. They wanted to spar with me and had set up an area for us. In the dream, I wasn’t up for the challenge and I went for a run instead. To me, that means I have some growing to do in the area of keeping myself on task and being ready to meet a challenge when it shows up.

My real issue in real life, which showed up in the dream, is that I have a hard time with doing something well when it makes someone I care about look bad. I would rather let them look good, even if they are wrong or messed up. I don’t want to engage with them if it makes them look bad.

So the better thing to do is a situation like the one I had in the dream would be to go in and spar with the person and let them learn from me and in doing so I can also learn from them.

In the dream the person had several belts, showing they had been advancing for a while. The problem was they were wearing many belts at the same time and the one which was the most indicative of their progress was hidden and almost falling off. That means it is like they are afraid to show their skill too.

Because the person was older than me in the dream, and the belts they weren’t wearing were dusty it’s a sign that they had learned things long ago which they had forgotten and they now are taking those things out again, dusting them off and are ready to move forward.

The first advice I would give would be to acknowledge how far they have come and to find a way to honour the growth but not to forget it totally but also to not wear it at all times.

The middle way would be something like hanging up the belts in a meaningful way on a plague or board of some sort. Then they are there and acknowledged but not weighing things down.

The other thing is this will demonstrate the actual level of skill. In my dream, the person had their yellow belt covering up their red. In real life, you would never do this. If you are a red belt, then you wear it really proudly. So this is about being proud of who you are and what you do and being happy to demonstrate it.

This is a good life lesson for everyone.

When we let any fear hold us back then we miss out on really enjoying the good things life has to offer. Fear of looking bad, or fear of making others look bad can leave us feeling disjointed and like we lost our footing.

Better to go for the challenge when it shows up, try your best, and see what happens. There’s bound to be lots of learning a long the way which is good for everyone involved!


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