Dream: Found the Right Partner

05 April 2017

18698408_10158840937995595_8276253282723731045_nIn the dream, the feeling is like being at a summer camp, of being a teenager. There are several guys there who I am attracted to and who are attracted to me. I have a bit of fun choosing one to be with. One guy in particular stands out among them all and I approach him differently. He responds in a positive way and we hang out for the rest of the day, laughing and being playful.

The feeling of emotional intimacy and union with this person is so precious. It is a really blissful dream.


How To Begin Facing Fear Instead of Running Away

05 April 2017

In every nightmarish situation, either in real life or in a dream, when something goes horribly wrong the inclination is to want to run away. It’s a well researched and documented phenomenon – Fight or Flight. The old formula seemed to work well. It went something like BIG THREAT + DESIRE TO REMOVE THE FEELINGS OF FEAR = 1) Run away or 2) Stay and fight.

What if there were a third option which is about the spiritual principle of staying out of conflict? What if I were to say there was a third option which was a recipe for long-lasting change and it was sort of a combination of both these archaic options with a dash of Imagination?

The third option, which has worked for me for the past 8 years, is to 1) Stay Detached from Conflict AND ALSO 2) Stay Empowered.

So in a dream situation it would be like facing the bear but not attacking, instead of running away or instead of killing it. In real life, it would be like telling someone who is trying to oppress you that you do not like what they are doing but not running away from them and also not doing anything intentionally malicious to cause harm. It’s just stating the facts.

There’s almost no one in the world who knows how to do this just right. Not yet. But in the positive future we are all moving into it will be the norm.

With Detachment and Empowerment so many great things can be accomplished. It’s nearly miraculous. It’s one of the reasons I write dreams on this blog so that the darkest of fears can be exposed as well as the brightest of hopes and everything on the spectrum in between. In this way, the strategies I’ve used for staying detached from conflict and also staying empowered can be shared with others.

We are all connected. The learning of one is the learning of many. I wish for others to experience the joy of this work as well. So I share openly with everyone.

Dream: Stoking a Fire

04 April 2017

In the dream, there is an outdoor fire pit. It’s burning bright with embers. I continue to put wood on it to keep it going. Apparently I’m the only one who knows the right formula and timing to keep the precisely right temperature and rate of burn.

There are a few close calls when someone nearly gets burned but the issue is avoided.


Fire in a dream is about insight, enlightenment, perhaps even God or the Creator.

This dream just means I have a good pace now for keeping my passions burning in life and I have a knack for being able to come close to potentially dangerous situations while staying safe and also keeping others safe too.


To apply this, I can just ask myself “Where in my life today is there some opportunity for passionate expression or development of things I am most enthusiastic about?”

When I identify the biggest one then I can think of ideas for moving it forward.

It’s really quite simple.

Dreamwork: How Parents Can Use Dream Metaphors To Bring Out the Best in Their Children

By Rachel Perry

Crabs and Spiders are good metaphors for small things which reproduce quickly.

LONDON, ON. 24 May 2017 – For those who have studied their dreams with an eye to decipher the metaphors and understand the dream’s message for transformation in their lives, what I’m going to say next will come as no surprise. But for those who are new to the idea that unlocking the mystery of a dream can actually enhance every area of life, the contents of this article might be a little hard to swallow.

Parents who can appreciate the metaphors of dreams and who are especially keen to educate their child and support them in the best possible way to develop and grow into the positive expression of their fullest selves will benefit the most from this post.

When a child has a dream or when the parent has a dream about the child, this is an excellent opportunity to learn about the child’s fears and what might be holding them back from really going for the positives in their lives. When a parent can listen to the dream with an ear for hearing the subtle messages of fear, anger, jealousy or anxiety and then consciously seek out to create positive environments for developing Courage, Justice, Inclusion and Serenity then really remarkable progress can be made within a family.

Here is a good example.

The other day I dreamed my daughter ate a large spider. It surprised me to see her do that. One minute the spider was there on the table and I turned my back and then when I looked back at her I found the spider was in her mouth and a few legs hanging out. She had a look on her face which conveyed, “Yeah, I ate a Spider. What’s the big deal?”

When I had this dream and worked through the metaphor I considered how spiders are insects who have the ability to reproduce quickly. Insects in dreams are good metaphors for small negative things which can reproduce and spread quickly. I asked myself, “What is in real every day waking life which can reproduce quickly and spread largely undetected and cause a lot of negative?” The answer is quite simple. Back-biting and criticism is like that.

It doesn’t take much for one person to say a few slightly negative things and for this to spread behind someone’s back for long distances.

So I was reflecting on my daughter’s actions that day. I was finding it interesting that she ate the spider. What does that mean? Does it mean she has the power to destroy the spread of back-biting? Or does it mean she nourishes herself on the back-biting activity?

Later that day there was an event which answered this question for me loud and clear!

The full details of that event are shared here.

But in summary, she was just doing her regular ol’ run-of-the-mill pre-teen behaviour and then she texted something negative about me to 10 people using her iphone. It was interesting for me to read how each person responded because it told me a bit about their character. But that topic will be explored in more detail with a Digital Media expert.

For now, I want to point out the very worst of the responses.

When my daughter texted to someone a negative thing, their response was, “Call me,” and then, “I should call the police.”

Considering that there was no crime and considering that my daughter’s words were largely fueled by her own high emotions about a situation and not necessarily bases on a lot of fact, the suggestion to call the police was a harmful hindrance to getting to the heart of the matter and it delayed something positive coming out of the situation.

But when she did that then I understood the metaphor of the spider in the mouth.

My daughter has the potential to spread a lot of positives in the world and to uplift the hearts of many. But she also has the ability to spread negatives, especially when she shares half-truths to people who are already keen to use threats of calling the Police or CAS as weapons for control.

As a mother then, it is my job to notice my daughter’s strengths and to nourish them.

I can also notice her challenges and support her in minimizing the negatives and developing new capacities and skills.

It can take a lifetime but it’s worth it.

I am grateful to the dream because it gave me a nice metaphor before the event happened through which I could consider the events that were occurring that day. The dream helped me to parent her through her own crisis and it helped me to support the others who were affected by the situation.

This is the way a dream can help a parent to bring out the best in their children. By seeing the negatives and acknowledging them and then flipping them to their positive opposite, parents can help children become the best they can be. In this way, parents can help children develop their capacities and skills so that they can experience the full expression of their True Selves throughout their lifetime and have a lot of Joy and Fulfillment.

When we think of the gifts of characters as gems which are hidden within us, and we take the time to polish these gems, to nurture positive development of qualities of Compassion, Peacefulness, Courage, Enthusiasm, etc then we can truly see miraculous growth in our children and within our families.


Dream: Little Boy With a Blackbelt & Playing Ping-Pong

28 March 2017

In the dream I am helping a young boy to fasten his black belt. He’s fidgeting and wearing street clothes instead of his uniform so it’s a bit tough. Eventually I get it and his mother thanks me and they leave.

In a dream yesterday I am texting a friend and he’s making me laugh. Then another friend walks in and asks me if I’d like a coffee and I go over to what looks like a cross between a ping-pong table & a diningroom table. I duck down playfully. Another friend, Dr.M, approaches the table and throws a ball of crumpled paper at me. I duck and then throw one back at him laughing.

These are positive dreams and with positives it means just keep going forward in the direction I’m going. A black belt is a symbol for having mastery over all the skill of the coloured belts. To be putting a black belt on a boy who is in street clothes is an interesting metaphor because usually the uniform comes first and then the belt. It’s something to think about.

Playing ping-pong is a good metaphor because ping-pong, like tennis, is about being able to play back whatever is served to me. This is a good skill to have in every area in life because it helps keep things playful and light which is the way we were meant to be.