Dealing With Mess; Understanding Ego

A while ago I dreamed of walking into a home which was for sale and finding it was abandoned and full from top to bottom with mess. Here is a link to that dream.

Messes in dreams started to symbolize ego for me a few years ago when I was working through Richard Hasting’s 19-Day Transformation Program which is now able to be purchased on his website Dreams For Peace.

The reason a mess symbolizes ego is that the ego is the part of us which acts out of fear, anger or other negative emotions. The actions which come from ego usually end up being hurtful for the dreamer or those closely associated with the dreamer. Now when I dream of messes I stop and ask myself, “Where is there a big mess in my life?” And the answer to this question is where I start to clean things up.

The problem in this dream is that the biggest mess in the dream wasn’t mine to clean up. Whose mess is it? The owners made the mess with their things but then they left and no longer own the house or the mess. Who even knows where they are. If we waited for them to clean it up it would turn into one of those rotton old homes, over-run by weeds and garbage and turn into a dump. Who wants that in the neighbourhood? No one.

Does the mess belong to the real estate agent? She doesn’t want anything to do with it. She feels she didn’t make the mess and doesn’t even want to sell the house but she does it because she’s ordered by the bank to do so. She doesn’t care if the house sells or not. She figures she didn’t make the mess and she doesn’t care if the house sells so why should she clean it. Her role as agent does not include house-cleaning, she figures. And that is a common way of looking at things in our culture.

The bank now owns the house legally, so should they hire someone to come and clean it. In the real world this is the most likely solution because we tend to move around money and people by the roles they hold in their day jobs. It’s not like a teller from a bank will send an interested individual to go and clean the house up. No. Things don’t work like that. The problem is who decides at the bank to invest money into an old house in a run down neighbourhood? The house and the people who used to live there and the people who live nearby have no value to them bankers. So they didn’t jump at the chance of cleaning up the place first.

So the problem I had in the dream is that since I saw the physical mess in the house and since I saw the tangled cultural mess of ownership I had the desire to just start cleaning the mess myself. But I stopped myself because it seemed to me it was not my place to clean it. I just wanted to clean it because I know how to clean and I have some time and I want to help.

But no one would pay me to do the work and if I give my time to volunteer to clean this mess then I will not be doing work which pays my bills and clearly paying my bills was on my mind because that showed up in the next scene of the dream.

I don’t know for sure but I think the message of the dream might be about this old tendency I have to work for free and that I’m seeing how it doesn’t serve me anymore. It puts me at a disadvantage and in the past even crippled me.

That leaves me to think about where is there a mess like this in my real life and what can I do to ensure I don’t end up spending time on things which are not beneficial to me and my family and my work.


Looking at Metaphors in a Dream about Storms & Sink Holes

Written 06 March 2017

Someone sent me this dream.

I dreamt I had to go to a beach for some business conference. I ran into a bunch of people from my past there like J. B. H & L. During a break I went to my moms house in the beach and some guy was redoing the roof of her house and I went thru baby pics of me in a photo album. Someone was telling me stories about me when I was a baby. When she was telling me a story a big seal/walrus came out of the water and was really scary and it was eating birds.Then we went back and they were serving food at the end any there was a concert. During the concert it started to rain. Then a big sink hole opened up and people fell in and people started to panic.

Now I don’t know how to explain this part but B had a super power. She was on a time delay like she knew what was gonna happen before it did. She used the lightning from the storm as a marker. Like the sink hole opened up and then she counted until the lightning struck and she knew how much of a time delay she had.

Then she and her husband started to save people and I woke up.

What I like about this dream is that it starts at a beach which is a warm place of relaxation and exploration. When an animal shows up in a dream this is a signal that there is a new energy or quality emerging. Often times the negative side of the animal shows up but then with effort it can be transformed to the positive. The potential for the positive is there and the dream just shows where to begin.

Birds are animals that are free and they soar in the air so they are symbols of vision. Food is a symbol of nurturing. Music & a concert is a place where the soul is uplifted. Having a super power in a dream is like how it feels when something is going really well and you are using all your powers, skills and capacities to do really good work.

It means the dreamer is ready to see where the storms and lightening shows up and then can use his powers to help a lot of people.


Dream Analysis – Breaking Down a Metaphor and Applying the Learning to Real Life Progress

I recently dreamed of kissing someone, training as a cop, and watching an emergency operation with rudimentary tools, which I will talk about in more detail in this post. If you didn’t get a chance to read the dream before, here is a link.

Writing about having a dream with a kiss in it seems like a pretty radical thing to do but that’s just looking at the metaphor from one direction. If you look at it from another direction you can think of this metaphor of kissing just as simple as the metaphor of skating or bike riding. Every activity we dream of is symbolic. Sure, it’s a powerful and meaningful symbol which everyone needs to understand for themselves but in the grand scheme of things it’s really no more interesting than a symbol of swimming, for example.

In the past, I never wrote about the intimacy metaphor because I thought it was too taboo. But then I heard two things which changed my mind about that. I heard that, culturally speaking, sex was easier to write and talk about than money and well I’ve been writing and talking about money for the past four years with success so then why not try my hand at writing about kissing too. Right?

The other thing I heard was a remark that since everyone dreams about sex or sexuality at one point or another then to exclude it from a blog about dreams would be ludicrous. They are right. So in 2017 I’ve started to include these kinds of dreams. If you don’t like them, just click away and come back tomorrow to see a dream of a different nature. Today, there’s kissing. Tomorrow there might be skating. Who knows!

Another reason why it’s a good idea to pay attention to dreams with kissing is because in Richard Hastings Dreamwork/Changework approach he describes how kissing or sex in a dream is a symbol for merging or coming together of qualities. The way I see it, it’s the ultimate positive metaphor of dreamwork if you understand it correctly.

Think of it this way, if you start out having a nightmare and issues show up around fears and you work on these issues until there is more Courage, Confidence, Determination and Enthusiasm then a sure sign of victory over your fears is to have a dream of making out with someone who has the positive qualities of Courage, Confidence, Determination and Enthusiasm. That’s not the end of course. As in real life, the metaphor of sex is also about the chance of conceiving a baby. The metaphor of conceiving a baby is like conceiving an idea or a project. I might be getting into some complex principles here and I don’t mean to confuse the issue. Let’s get back to the dream.

The qualities of the guy in my dream were Courage, Confidence, Determination and Enthusiasm and he used all these in his work as a police officer. So the first metaphor is about my being able to more fully integrate with these 4 qualities now.

The reason this is so interesting is because the next part of the dream is actually me in training to be a cop. So the metaphor of that says that in real life I am currently using these 4 qualities and I identify with them. Since the training experience was positive and warm it means I don’t have a lot of issues around this.

The operation in the dream is really the area of biggest challenge. By noticing this and solving my strong negative feelings around it I will be better in all areas of life. The approach that I use to solve this challenge works for everyone.

So the way the operation went is that there was a woman who needed something cut out of her neck. She could read and understand the text book description of the operation and would read out instructions to the man I had been kissing. He was good with a knife and could cut into people’s skin without being squirmish but he couldn’t do that and read at the same time. So she was reading the instructions, even though her neck was being cut, and he was listening to her description and then cutting the area to remove what had to come out. I’m not sure if it was a bullet or a cancer or what, but it had to come out.

The man was laying on his back on the bed and I was sitting on him as he turned to his right to cut her neck as she sat on a chair beside the bed. In the dream I only saw him get half way through the operation but it was going well and seemed like it would end well.

Because all aspects of the dream are very positive in every way it means for me to keep moving forward in every area of my life right now.

The key here is to not take the messages literally when they are not meant to be.

The message of the dream doesn’t mean to go out and kiss people I’m working or training with. The metaphor is to get closer to them. I can get closer to people who I am working with by completing tasks they are waiting for, by sharing updates and information, by publishing pieces I’ve completed editing, etc. This is one way to take the metaphor of getting closer and translating it to an action in real life.

It’s like the dream wants me to remember the qualities of Courage, Confidence, Enthusiasm and Determination in all areas of my life now. So what I do as I’m reflecting on the steps I’ll take for my day is just to see what I’ve been working on, what is still pending and then move forward using the unique combination of these qualities which really works successfully for me.

This is a really advanced description of the dreamwork process and will make the most sense to people who are already familiar with the 19-Day Transformation Process or Dreamwork Module 1 or have listened to Richard’s recent podcast. For those who have a more in-depth of understanding about the nature of this work when you read this post it’ll be really easy for you to see how it can also apply to your life and you can just move forward in all areas with these four virtues too. The process works for everyone.


Becoming a New Self

With daily attention to the negative feelings which arise within our own Self, we can transform, change and grow into new versions of our Self.

The big challenge is that people these days have become so absorbed with materialistic pursuits and they have been so seduced with new technological advances that they have regretfully forgotten their own selves. How can you change something which you are not aware of?

The first step then, to this type of profound transformation is to really get good at knowing who you are. Knowing your Self is the first step to changing for the better.

In the areas where things are fine and well and functioning without issues then those areas do not need much attention. But the areas where things are not functioning so well, relationships at work or home for example, that’s where the most change can take place.

You can begin the process by doing what Richard suggests in the 19-Day Transformation Program. He poses the question: where in my life is the biggest mess or the biggest challenge. When you start there and do some inner work then the outer conditions change too.

Not doing any inner work and allowing things to carry on as they are will just leave people feeling they have lost the charge on their battery. Old negative patterns can leave us feeling broken and unfixable. What good is that?

The solution is to notice the biggest challenge, understand the nature of the events or situations which led to that challenge, see if there was a time when this kind of event first happened early in life, take time to compassionately care for the areas of your self or your life which the trauma affected, and then take positive action using virtues of Courage, Confidence, Determination and Enthusiasm.

When you do this often enough, gradually the old negatives change enough so they are no longer present. Or maybe there is just a hint of it. Over time, a new Self emerges which is Stronger and more Powerful. With Strength, Clarity and Focus this new Self can move though life in a much more positive way, unhindered by the challenges of the past. It can create new opportunities for itself and others and can be a positive force for growth.

People might want to call this experience Happiness but there are limitations to that word. Joy might be a better one but even that does not capture it. Some might call it Peace or Nirvana or Bliss. Whatever the name the feeling is the same. The feeling is about being in Alignment with your True Self and living in a way which brings upliftment to yourself and others.

This is the goal of any transformation program. The reason it can be achieved so profoundly with dreamwork is because the work is about making what is unconscious become conscious. The effects are long-lasting and permanent. The struggle is well worth the effort.