Dream: Sleeping in someone’s house, “Those aren’t my nail polishes” and MORE…

25 April 2017

Two night’s ago I dreamed I went into someone’s house when they were sleeping and I made myself comfortable in their upper level bedroom. Then in the morning when the family woke up they were eating breakfast downstairs and I bashfully had to say Hi from the top of the stairs. I felt so awkward that I had gone in there when they were sleeping but they just smiled and welcomed me and invited me to come have breakfast with them so I did. It was a lovely breakfast and all was well.

Last night, in the dream I was shopping. When I got to the til the cashier noticed someone had put something in the pocket of my jacket which was on the counter. It appeared someone had put nail polish in there to get me to smuggle it out but the cashier caught on.

Unfortunately, when I was ringing the sale through the cashier thought that items I had brought with me were just now being purchased. I said No these came with me and I tried to show her where I had used the nail polish bottles and I told her I had driven a long way and I showed her the bend in the brush bristles where it had been sat on for hours. Finally she realized they were mine.

Paul Nevins was there in the background, shaking his head the whole time. Turns out he was wrong after all and I just walked away from him without giving a second glance.

CLUTTERED HOUSE IS A CLUTTERED MIND: How To Declutter Your Metaphorical House and Clean Up Your Mind Using The Super Skills Which Show Up in Dreamwork and MORE

21 June 2017

Does a messy car = a messy mind?

Oh my God! When I dream of cluttered houses I feel like I want to kill myself! Okay, okay, I’m just joking. It’s not that bad as to generate suicidal thought but really I hate nothing more than dreaming about clutter and I hate nothing more than living in a cluttered house.

I can deal with dreams of murder than I can deal with dreams of clutter. It’s that horrific for me. I’d rather walk into a gang-zone then have to wake up in a cluttered home.

Guess what? Last night I dreamed of a cluttered house!

What’s more?

Everytime I cleaned it, the mess returned!!!


That is my ultimate nightmare. A never-ending mess. Oh my God! It brings up such feelings of frustration. I could scream. No. Just kidding. I won’t scream about this. But geez I hate that feeling more than almost any other feeling in the world!

So how to deal with it? Great question right!?

Okay, I’ll tell you …

But I’ve written about it in an e-book and I can’t give this stuff away for free.

I’m a single mom raising my daughter independently. Publishing e-books is one of the only ways that I can generate an additional stream of income so that I can afford to keep doing the work I do. I’ve been publishing self-help related material for 4 years, worked with dozens on their individuals dreams, and supported many who are dealing with complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and nightmares.

So if you’d like to find out how I deal with and “clean up” one of the biggest and on-going issues of my life, please consider popping over to Gumroad and buying the book.

Thank you.


Getting Over Worry and Living Freely in Your Gifted Self

Dreams For Peace

Worry a.k.a. anxiety is the negative emotion that projects a negative illusion onto the future so that you can maintain your present state in a protected manner.   If you are more conservative in your views or politics,  you see the future as someone coming in and taking away what you already have.   It causes you to fight for the present state.   If, however, you are more liberal in your views,  you will see the future as more of the same where, for instance the rich have a decided advantage.   Then you will fight for the present state where the possibility of change is alive.     Here is something that you may not have considered.  The enemy isn’t the other party or people who espouse the opposite views.   The enemy is worry.

Take the Republican Party in the U.S. or the Conservatives in the U.K..   In their worried future they…

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Dream Analysis: Detectives in the Attic

17 June 2017

In the dream, I’m with other detectives in an attic and we are close to catching a criminal.

Analysis: This type of dream has been re-occurring every night for the past two weeks. If it were negative then I’d have an issue needing to be dealt with but since it’s positive it means there’s a lot of opportunity to use my skills right now. In truth, there is.

For the past five years I’ve been working as a community researcher to investigate into a certain city’s social engineering strategy and it’s relationship to heinous crimes such as child-trafficking and cult crimes. Recently, I’ve been given opportunities to share the results of my work. It’s rewarding and challenging at the same time.

However, it feels really great to put some of my deductive reasoning skills to work to protect children and to dissolve criminal activity. I’m grateful to be able to contribute in this way. And I suspect that’s why it keeps showing up in my dreams.