Dreamwork & Changework: Patterns of Progress

18 April 2017

When I first started consciously doing this work in 2009 I soon realized there was a significant concern about the way some people were treating others. It’s pretty easy for pure-intentioned people to write and speak publicly about bad behaviour in an organization and how to change it. But when a high-minded individual sets out to talk about bad behaviour in families then – YIKES – look out! That’s when the snakes come out to bite, metaphorically speaking.

The reason I’m writing about this now in this way is because I’ve realized that the bad behaviour I’ve seen in my own family also shows up in work places. Furthermore, the way to handle the negativity inside of a family environment also works inside of an organization.

In the past, when I was a child, there was a pattern of behaviour happening inside of my family and it made no sense. Now I’m older and wiser it makes complete sense.

The pattern begins with someone having a major issue with jealousy. They would launch their attack and huge explosions would ensue. This caused waves of storms and negative behaviour which used to sweep me up when I was a child. But now it doesn’t harm or even touch me anymore.

Why write about this now?

This issue – of someone having jealousy and attacking – shows up in the same way in work places. It starts out with small criticisms and fault-finding comments but can result in an all-out war-type conflict in the environment with people feeling they have to choose sides and with someone usually getting fired or leaving.

In a work place people can just leave but not in families. So with families the solution is different and more customized to the individuals. However, the complex solutions within a family also apply within an organization as well.

The interesting and very best part of this type of change and transformation is that the very pattern which used to cause distruction and devastation now causes construction and empowerment.

The key is to understand the underlying issue of jealousy, which operates a lot like a venomous snake, and when you can figure out how to handle that then every change which comes is welcome, anticipated, celebrated and for the positive of everyone involved.

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