Dream: Sleeping in someone’s house, “Those aren’t my nail polishes” and MORE…

25 April 2017

Two night’s ago I dreamed I went into someone’s house when they were sleeping and I made myself comfortable in their upper level bedroom. Then in the morning when the family woke up they were eating breakfast downstairs and I bashfully had to say Hi from the top of the stairs. I felt so awkward that I had gone in there when they were sleeping but they just smiled and welcomed me and invited me to come have breakfast with them so I did. It was a lovely breakfast and all was well.

Last night, in the dream I was shopping. When I got to the til the cashier noticed someone had put something in the pocket of my jacket which was on the counter. It appeared someone had put nail polish in there to get me to smuggle it out but the cashier caught on.

Unfortunately, when I was ringing the sale through the cashier thought that items I had brought with me were just now being purchased. I said No these came with me and I tried to show her where I had used the nail polish bottles and I told her I had driven a long way and I showed her the bend in the brush bristles where it had been sat on for hours. Finally she realized they were mine.

Paul Nevins was there in the background, shaking his head the whole time. Turns out he was wrong after all and I just walked away from him without giving a second glance.

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