Finding the Worst Thing & Making It Better

In the dream I was piloting a flying car over water. Both a man and a woman were trying to manipulate me. Eventually I did what I had to do and then left again.

Here is are the key parts of the dream:

-flying a hydro-planing space-craft kind of object an ocean

-East-Indian man gives me tour

-Obese woman gives a tour & wants money

– I don’t have the money for them b/c I didn’t know their kindness was a paid service

-I want to pay them but don’t have the money

-My head spins trying to think of an honest solution with integrity


What is the worst part?

The moment when I realize I don’t want to be associated with that obese woman liar but don’t know where else to go…and I realize the guide I thought was a friend really wants money from me too.

What do I do?

I try to get out of it without making her upset.

Does it work?


So what will work instead?

If I want to get back to flying my own hydro-craft, I can realize that she was in the wrong. I can walk away. I can leave her to herself. When I do that I am not spinning anymore.

If you were to go back to the craft instead of in battle with her, what happens next?

The spin happens when I sit at the driver’s seat – where to go now? What to do next? And I feel lonely.

Where does the loneliness show up physically?

In my gut. Like a blackness, like a black hole of despair. Cold & dark. Like an eel.

So how can you be like a positive eel?

An eel is hard to get a hold of, an under-water snake.

In a positive way it means being able to swim underwater un-interupted.

Where in my life today and this week can I be like a positive eel?

There are certain deadlines and time constrictions this week and at first glance it seems impossible to get through. But if I am like a positive eel it means being able to swim through the environment without interruption.

How is that different than getting in a battle with an obese woman?

It means just flowing in a different way, getting out of a mess before I even get into it. I can make lists, set alarms, set appointments, make calls, meet people, ask for help, at the same time as staying out of things, detaching, listening, and offering support when asked but without reacting negatively and without over-reacting.

What is one thing you can do today to be like a positive eel?

What is one thing I do or one thing I am and how can I do that one small thing rapidly and consistently all week?

I don’t see how I can do what I need to do

a) health/finances/home/car

b) school/education/recreation/Gracie

c) BERTEIG newsletter/team meeting/prep for coach-camp

Is it possible?

What is the one thing I can do, repeatedly and quickly, which will help me to do all of this?

Facebook posts?…..

Let me see if I can….




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