Keys To Transformation – You’ve Got To KNOW What the Negatives Are SO You Can Flip Them

23 May 2017

The first time this lesson became really clear to me when in Fall of 2013 when I realized that the private school which had hired me was in great financial hardship. If I would have known things were as bad as they were beforehand it’s likely I would have stayed in our home in Fort McMurray. Knowing what I know now, I’m glad we did move because otherwise we would have been caught up in the evacuation in May 2016 and that would have been horrendous.

As it was, I re-located my life believing that I was giving my whole self to advance a school forward. Little did I know within months the school would be falling apart before my very eyes.

At first, it was very hard to acknowledge. I wanted to believe “everything is going to be alright,” but all the signs were there that it was not going to just be “all right.”

I tried to avoid looking at the negatives until they got so big it was like a 100-foot sky scraper towering over me. I had to face the truth. The fantasy dream I had about working in a private school and giving my daughter a high-quality education was just an illusion and like water in the dessert, this mirage was evaporating before my very eyes.

But you know what?

Something really quite miraculous happens when you look the Negative face-on and deal with the reality of things. When you are dealing with the reality of things then there are dozens of options and opportunities. When you are running from reality then there is just one escape route – Denial. And take it from me, someone who used to love denying and hiding from the truth – it is much much better to face the negative, deal with it, and create something positive than to avoid it.

They key to transformation is to first See The Negatives and then decide what to do in order to make it more positive.


Mom Locked Up … For Good

30 July 2017

In the dream, my Mom was locked up.

She was still trying to get out but every word she uttered was a lie and her captures were beginning to see her deception.

The place she was imprisoned in was like an old farm house we lived in from around 1993 – 1997 or thereabouts.

I was the head warden of her prison.

At one point I sat down across the table from her and she thought that meant she could now destroy me but instead others were watching and they saw she was looney.

They gave one another looks so as to say, “Yeah, she’s not going anywhere.”

Changing With Dreamwork

29 August 2017

In the dream, I go with my daughter and sister to my Mom’s house. It’s cluttered, messy & dirty. My daughter is really young. At one time she’s about 3 years old and then another time she’s an infant. In the dream, I wanted to learn from my mom about how to be a caring mother but instead she was following me around the apartment and criticizing me.

I took good care of my daughter based on instinct, despite the environment being cluttered and messy. I wrapped her up in warm clothes and talked to her sweetly. Told her I loved her.

Then when I looked up my mom had 3 guns. She kept one for herself and gave one to my dad and one to my sister. She started aiming and firing at me, and my daughter.

I couldn’t get all three guns out of their hands so I called 911 and they said they’d send someone over but while I was talking on the phone then she changed her approach. She stopped firing but she started speaking in really negative words. I told her that her negative words are just like bullets, emotional bullets. She didn’t stop.

Then I grabbed her face and lips and tried to shut them.

She acted like an android and did not have a natural human response to that kind of stimuli. She didn’t flinch. She didn’t move a muscle and tried to just keep talking in her poisonous words.

I became filled with rage and felt like I wanted to kill her. To stop her and to end her violence. But I am not a killer. So I just pushed her away. She returned to the kitchen as though looking for something, like a cup to pour coffee in.

I was still on the phone with the officer and asked directions on how to get out of here.

Next I was on a Go Train and my sister was with me. She was tried from all the fighting and she rested her head on my lap. We got to our stop and got off but I didn’t really recognize where we were. I was carrying my daughter as an infant with us and got on a bike but then had to get off when the hill became too steep.

I walked the bike to the bottom and someone told me I’d have to pay Google for use of the bike because of some new trademark thing. I thought it was ridiculous.

Also I saw someone who wanted to commit suicide and I encouraged him not to.

Lastly, I bought something for $87 and it came out of my account which only had $94. I wondered when things will change.

When the CIA Shows Up in a Dream, You Know It’s Time To Work on Some Pretty Big Fears and Get Ready For Really Amazing Opportunities

17 May 2017

Just the acronym alone – CIA – can send chills up someone’s spine. We know they are out there. We know they are “authorized” to do what they do without accountability and we know there is a risk that the agency could cause harm instead of help.

When I was working through a dream metaphor of CIA I learned that I have a tendency to let really small things go without addressing them and then it is like a slippery slope where the small things get bigger and bigger and I end up feeling paralyzed and powerless.

The key to Courage and Confidence in this regard is to deal with the small stuff as though they were big stuff. That leads to Excellence in accomplishing a task and it keeps everything manageable.

Right away, I can start looking at the day and considering, “Where have I made something into an issue much bigger than need be?” and “What is one small thing that I can do today which will have a big impact?”

Learning to recognize the biggest challenge and facing it is a skill which not too many people in our culture has. There is a key to unlock this mystery thought. The key to knowing what the biggest issue you are facing is, is to notice where the most emotion comes out.

When you find yourself angry and yelling, or grieving and crying or worried and feeling sick to your stomach that is a sure sign that you are facing a pretty big challenge. You’ll find the best solutions by dealing with the issue that lead to those strong feelings.

Deal with one small issue and then the next and you’ll find the precision and growth exponential and you’ll be able to engineer any change you want for yourself in life.

Some parts of life should be entertaining and relaxing and it’s okay to enjoy those things which bring joy and playfulness. Staying with the Joy and also doing the work to keep things going in positive directions is a delicate balance but everyone should be capable of it, in one degree or another.

Why don’t you give it a try today? Reflect on your day and recall where did a really strong emotion show up? How did you react? What didn’t go so well for you? What is one small thing you can do to be more Peaceful when that type of situation happens again?

Dream: Found Keys & Going on a Journey With Friends

07 July 2017

Dreamwork is about noticing dreams, recording them, and seeking to understand the metaphors. Once the metaphors are understood then the emotions in the dream can be understood better too. These emotions which show up in the dream are also showing up in real life, or if they haven’t yet they soon will. When we understand the messages of the dreams and can flip the negatives to positive then we can better handle any situation which arises in real life. This work takes what people think of as Dream Interpretation to a deeper level and allows for the growth of amazing gifts, skills and capacities which can completely transform the life of the individual and those they are close with!

In a recent dream, I had lost my car keys and was looking in many places for them. Finally I found them in a really simple place at the bottom of a bag. I held them side by side with the other ones and said to a friend, “Look! I found them! I found them!”

Losing car keys in a dream is about losing the “key” to get the engine running in the direction you want to go in. Admittedly, when I woke up to dreams with my keys missing I became really nervous. Finding the keys in a dream is the best thing that could have happened in a dream right now. It’s what I’ve been waiting for.

In the dream there were also two friends who I haven’t seen in a long time and I was traveling with them to a beautiful city (in my car!). Thinking of these friends also makes me really happy.

Happy dreams full of Joy, Playfulness & Adventerous Spirit are great reminders of accomplishments already achieved and they are like a road map for where to go next. It’s good to remember the positives often so that when negatives come up then gifts, skills & capacities can be used to get through whatever challenges arise.