Dream: Bulldozer, Sister & More

15 May 2017

Here are scenes from the dreams:

  • pushed up against a wall by a huge, bigger than life bulldozer and I got out but forget how I did it now
  • kicking open a train door and climbing up, preparing to be a conductor
  • watching a movie-memory of being 4 years old and my sister taking something away from me and me wanting it back but her screaming and then me crying and holding my face because my parents wouldn’t help … in the dream I was watching it like it I was watching a movie of myself and also remembering all the emotions of it at the same time
  • something about the scene with the bulldozer, being in a construction zone and trying to avoid huge machines and cranes which were all around and I did get out but became so frightened when one had me pinned against a wall

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