Healing Trauma With Dreamwork

12 August 2017

The mind naturally likes to soar out into the future to imagine wonderful possibilities. It gets excited and enthusiastic about opportunities and can create visions which direct a person towards the attainment of wonderful goals and achievements, both inner and outer achievements.

When trauma occurs, especially early in childhood it is like that part of the mind sort of shuts down. It’s like the “looking forward to” part of the mind shuts off and that leads to a host of negative thoughts and behaviours which can lead a person on a downward spiral in their life.

The traumatic events and associated memories can continue showing up in dreams & nightmares long after the event has passed in time and space.

The solution to moving forward, to healing this and to being able to look forward to things again is to remember good & positive things in the past and continue repeating them in the present. In time, this creates a whole new set of positive memories which over-rides the negatives.

Then even when the trauma is acknowledged, it is not debilitating.

And the mind is free once again to look forward to a wonderful and  bright future with confidence.

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