Finding the Keys To Progress In the Real World & in Dreams

09 July 2017

20170508_130037A short while ago I dreamed of being kidnapped & drugged by CIA operatives. If you’d like to go back and read that dream, you can click here.

In the dream, the keys to my car melted.

In real life, shortly after this dream, I lost a set of keys for the car.

Both situations really bothered me. Losing keys in a dream is a metaphor for having an issue with moving forward in the real world. This inner emotional issue was all the more magnified by losing an extra set of keys in the real world, meaning I literally lost something which I really needed.

Interestingly, just the other day I dreamed that I found the second set of keys! I like when a metaphor shows up repeatedly in dreams because with meditative reflection it can actually show areas of growth.

Looking back when I first had the CIA dream it was just one week after losing my 4th employment opportunity in three years. Surely I felt pained by what felt at the time like some sort of conspiracy against me to keep me in poverty. I’m creating a video about this situation and it can be viewed in time. You could search “From Poverty To Prosperity” & Rachel Perry and find my work in the real world around this issue. There’s nothing remarkable about what I’ve published but it was something I was passionate about for a number of years.

So anyway, my key dreams are suggesting that the issue I used to have with making progress in the real world, in my career, in parenting, in close personal relationships, etc – those issues are now no longer so significant for me.

Have you ever had a dream of losing keys? Where you able to solve it in the dream or did you end up having to find another way to travel?

Please share your dream here and the meaning it has for your life. Remembering, sharing and writing about dreams is an excellent way to work through any issue, big or small.


How Dreamwork Heals Negative Patterns of Thought

19657021_10159068313760595_621389449189045176_n08 July 2017

What I’m writing about now will likely sound radical to some but will sound like nothing much to others. Dreamwork heals negative patterns of thought which lead to abasement in life by giving the dreamer a new way to deal with negative emotions. Dreamwork is NOT about just getting rid of the old negatives; it’s about increasing the positives.

Dreamwork can really help people who have experienced trauma. The emotional pattern of the trauma/fear is stored in the amygdala in the brain.┬áThese fear-patterns show up in dreams in what some people call nightmares. They show up in real life too, when someone decides they will or won’t do something because of the presence or absence of fear.

By working through the emotions which show up in a dream and by taking small steps daily to build up positive qualities such as Confidence, Courage, Flexibility and Peacefulness then new emotional patterns can develop and essentially re-wire the brain. In this way the entire emotional experience of the dreamer can undergo a 360 degree change.


How Dreamwork Heals Addictions & Addictive Thought Patterns

08 July 2017

It’s pretty common for most people to believe that the problem with addiction is the use IMG_1339of a substance which alters the behaviour of an individual and maybe prevents them from living as a fully functioning member of society – whatever that means.

Dreamwork has shown me that the biggest problem with addiction is not the use of a substance at all. Using alcohol or weed or sex or work to “numb the pain” or whatever is really just about the person wanting to forget and go to sleep to his own Self.

Healing the addiction has nothing to do with watching & decreasing or eliminating how much someone drinks or doesn’t drink but it has everything to do with understanding what the person does when overwhelming feelings of anger or fear arise. Getting really angry and then grabbing a beer is the person’s way to try to deal with the anger. The anger feels bad so they want it to go away.

But what if getting rid of negative emotions is not a real solution at all? What if negative emotions are considered great teachers? What if negative emotions can be embraced like friends?

What if a new way of looking at emotions like anger or fear made it so it was okay to just be friends with negative emotions? Then, something amazing happens! When the anger or fear is embraced, understood and processed it goes away on its own.

I used to have an issue with anger. When I felt like I wanted something and couldn’t have it, such as a high-paying job in a field that I loved, I felt angry. In my angriest moments, I sometimes did things like canceled my work plans, gave up on projects or pushed even the positive people out of my life.

In learning to understand and “become friends” with my anger, it is easier now to hang on to a positive vision of where I want to go, even if it feels as though the whole world is against me. Even if someone with really negative behaviour is telling lies about me, I don’t feel angry about that anymore and I realize it’s not my job to have to defend myself or my actions.

Without anger, I can now go deeper into more relationships than ever before. I can trust myself and others to greater and greater degrees and I have created such a positive environment for me and my daughter.

Alcohol was an issue for me from when I was 15 – 20 because I was so devastated by my parent’s divorce that I lost my sense of positive Self and found myself drinking with others my age. I stopped drinking when I was 20 and have not drank anything since then but what I noticed is that the negative feelings of anger & rage which led me to drink in the first place were still there.

Instead of turning to alcohol I turned to others things, like service in my community & volunteering. I got addicted to the high I felt when I was helping others. That became my addiction. I got so addicted to helping others without getting paid for my time that I even let my bills slide and I didn’t occupy my mind with thoughts of brand-name clothing and I didn’t desire things like vacations or travel. I was so absorbed in my addiction to volunteering that I didn’t even realize what I was losing.

I got my BIG HUGE wake up call in 2010 when I became financially responsible for myself and my daughter. Learning to detach from my addiction to volunteering was as painful and as long of a process as it was to learn to detach from alcohol.

The reason it takes a long time to leave an addiction for good is because it is actually like re-wiring the brain. New neurological pathways are being formed every time a choice is made to be Confident and Courageous instead of anxious and worried.

The reason it’s worth it to use Dreamwork to build positive gifts & strengths is because once the positives are really developing than the negatives just have no more room to grow. It’s like putting so many beautiful flowers and vegetables in a garden that there is just no room for the weeds.

Growing capacities, gifts and skills is the BEST way to heal trauma from the past which leads to addictivley trying to get rid of negative feelings. Instead, become friends with the negatives and use the experience to build the positives.

Then the change is long-lasting, permanent and genuine.


Dreams Can Give Clues About Parenting

05 July 2017

A parent’s job is to create really positive environments for their children’s gifts to emerge and grow.

Inevitably, because it’s human nature, a parent will see some minor character flaws or issues in their children when they are young. Really fantastic parents can see where their child needs some extra nurturing to develop strength where they are weak and also where they can use some awesome opportunities for using their already developed capacities and gifts.

Dreams from a child or dreams about children can give clues as to what the child wants or needs from a good parent in order to be their very best selves in the world.

In a recent dream, I was sleeping in a relaxing way with someone I care a lot about and he was also sleeping beside me. Then a neighbour came in and woke me up telling me that my daughter and her friend had snuck into a bar called Mojo’s last night. When I saw my daughter I asked about it and she admitted it. I was so angry at first and even swore but I hugged her and told her I loved her and told her I’m glad she told me the truth. The whole rest of the dream was about sorting through how this could happen, assessing the damages and preventing it from happening again. It turned out that my daughter and her friend didn’t drink anything at the bar so that was a relief. At the end of the dream I was preparing to go face the owner and tell him that what he is doing is unlawful and immoral to let minors into his bar.

Alcohol in a dream is a symbol for being intoxicated with the Joys of Life.

In a dream, to be intoxicated is like being really uplifted by your own gifts.

It means that my daughter is ready to explore being happily intoxicated with life, metaphorically speaking.

Some of my own fears because of my own past experiences may get in the way sometimes but the dream reassures me that all is well and everything is okay.

The problem in the dream is the deception and that is where the issues are.

As a parent, it is good to take note of something like this when it shows up in a dream and then work to transform the issues so they are no longer an obstacle for experiencing the Joys of this life in this generation and in the next.


Nightmarish Dreams – Monsters & Mayhem, What To Do When They Show Up When You Sleep and How To Wake Up To the Gifts They Present

05 July 2017

Typically people seem to think nightmares are bad and happy dreams are good. Dreamwork takes the process of transformation to a deeper level by suggesting that nightmares are not bad at all.

While the feelings they bring up might feel “bad” they are not at all. They could be originally thought of as negative in nature, in the way that Anger is less advantageous than Justice, or Fear less productive than Courage. However, by shifting a focus away from the idea of “having to get rid of these bad feelings” and just listening to and understanding the message of the emotions, then some really great positives can emerge.

The key is to become friends with the negative feeling, not to shun it like an enemy.

In my dream last night a scenario showed up of a monsterous land-shark who was swimming ghost-like through a large forest attacking people whom I cared about.

The negative emotion this brought up was fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of being hurt. Fear of my loved ones being hurt. I solved it in the dream by being able to track the monster’s actions, predict where she was going next and then catch her in a trap. I knew right from the beginning that I was going to out-smart her but in the middle when she was harming people we loved it seemed like mayhem.

This is an example of how fear can be transformed into Courage. A monster in a dream is just a symbol for parts of ourselves which we are not familiar with yet. The unknown is scary because it is unclear at times but the more we become familiar with and become friends with the unknown parts of ourselves, others or situations than the more and more Fearless we can become.

Then we can accomplish anything in life and the possibilities for growth are endless!

Sun = Inspiration/Higher Power/Creator