Never-ending Mess Cycle: How To Deal With Addicts

22 June 2017


Just the word alone makes me cringe.

It shows up in my dreams and in my real life daily.

I understand that a big mess is a symbol for big ego issues.

I am also beginning to understand that since I’ve gotten really masterful at cleaning up other people’s (ego) messes that there is more to this than what I first realized.

Today I am thinking about a dream image where as soon as I cleaned up a mess it would return.

The feeling of anxiety, frustration, disappointment and fear which this raised brings me to my knees.

And I realize that I am waking up to the reality that some people who like to create messes in other people’s lives are addicted to the thrill of it.

Perhaps they are also addicted to pot, or alcohol, or sex or work – but whatever is their addiction of choice, they like to make messes in other people’s lives so that they can then go about their addiction.

In the dream I felt powerless to deal with it but in real life there are dozens of options.

I’ll write more about this in time.

It’s just an introductory post about the work of truly healing people with addictions.

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