Dream Analysis: Funeral in a Dream is a Signal For Collective Transformation


04 July 2017

DreamWORK is a process of remembering a dream, writing it down, looking for the metaphors and understanding the message. The WORK is when negative emotions show up in dreams such as fear, rage, jealousy because in time the dreamer can learn more positive ways of dealing with the negatives and then transform them into more positive feelings such as Courage, Joy and Unity.

A dream about a funeral, like the one I had last night, is a reminder that sometimes a process of transformation is not just for one individual but is, in fact, a collective experience such as when people come together to collectively grieve over the passing of a loved one. This commonly shared emotion of loss is experienced at a funeral and the sharing of that moment builds bonds of Trust and connection with the others.

In the dream, I am in a funeral.

When I work through the message of this dream it’s easy-as-pie to see the work ahead of me today.

A funeral is a place where people go to mourn the loss of their loved one.

Even though I do not have a literal funeral to deal with in real life, I have a metaphoric one.

Even though someone I care about is still alive it is like they have died. The funeral dream shows me that.

When strong negative emotions such as sorrow or grief show up in a dream it means it’s time to throw out some old ways of looking at things and start looking at them differently.

It has been said that “Death is a Messenger of Joy” which is the complete opposite to what we typically think of in death.

But the statement is worth reflecting on.

Death & Dying is sorrowful if you believe there is nothing more to the human experience than the flesh and bone.

But if you believe that there is a non-physical part of the human experience, the way I do, then it is REALLY possible to see the Joy in death. I can think of no greater Joy then to have the delight of experiencing the process of leaving this body and souring into the non-physical realms and continuing on an eternal path towards Excellence.

There is a spiritual belief in the world that the physical world is just the first stage of growth and development for the soul and that the soul carries the memories of this world with it into all the worlds which follow this one.

Just thinking about that as I write uplifts my heart.

I love contemplating the mystery of Life and the mystery of death.

Since this image of a funeral came to me in a dream last night it means I can also consider that a part of me is dying. When I ask myself, “What part of me is dying? What part of me is changing & transforming?” The answer is really clear.

Armed with this answer I can then move forward with a lot of Enthusiasm & Confidence using all my gifts to their fullest to enjoy the wonderful life I’m living with people I love working and relating with.

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