Dreams Can Give Clues About Parenting

05 July 2017

A parent’s job is to create really positive environments for their children’s gifts to emerge and grow.

Inevitably, because it’s human nature, a parent will see some minor character flaws or issues in their children when they are young. Really fantastic parents can see where their child needs some extra nurturing to develop strength where they are weak and also where they can use some awesome opportunities for using their already developed capacities and gifts.

Dreams from a child or dreams about children can give clues as to what the child wants or needs from a good parent in order to be their very best selves in the world.

In a recent dream, I was sleeping in a relaxing way with someone I care a lot about and he was also sleeping beside me. Then a neighbour came in and woke me up telling me that my daughter and her friend had snuck into a bar called Mojo’s last night. When I saw my daughter I asked about it and she admitted it. I was so angry at first and even swore but I hugged her and told her I loved her and told her I’m glad she told me the truth. The whole rest of the dream was about sorting through how this could happen, assessing the damages and preventing it from happening again. It turned out that my daughter and her friend didn’t drink anything at the bar so that was a relief. At the end of the dream I was preparing to go face the owner and tell him that what he is doing is unlawful and immoral to let minors into his bar.

Alcohol in a dream is a symbol for being intoxicated with the Joys of Life.

In a dream, to be intoxicated is like being really uplifted by your own gifts.

It means that my daughter is ready to explore being happily intoxicated with life, metaphorically speaking.

Some of my own fears because of my own past experiences may get in the way sometimes but the dream reassures me that all is well and everything is okay.

The problem in the dream is the deception and that is where the issues are.

As a parent, it is good to take note of something like this when it shows up in a dream and then work to transform the issues so they are no longer an obstacle for experiencing the Joys of this life in this generation and in the next.


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