Finding the Keys To Progress In the Real World & in Dreams

09 July 2017

20170508_130037A short while ago I dreamed of being kidnapped & drugged by CIA operatives. If you’d like to go back and read that dream, you can click here.

In the dream, the keys to my car melted.

In real life, shortly after this dream, I lost a set of keys for the car.

Both situations really bothered me. Losing keys in a dream is a metaphor for having an issue with moving forward in the real world. This inner emotional issue was all the more magnified by losing an extra set of keys in the real world, meaning I literally lost something which I really needed.

Interestingly, just the other day I dreamed that I found the second set of keys! I like when a metaphor shows up repeatedly in dreams because with meditative reflection it can actually show areas of growth.

Looking back when I first had the CIA dream it was just one week after losing my 4th employment opportunity in three years. Surely I felt pained by what felt at the time like some sort of conspiracy against me to keep me in poverty. I’m creating a video about this situation and it can be viewed in time. You could search “From Poverty To Prosperity” & Rachel Perry and find my work in the real world around this issue. There’s nothing remarkable about what I’ve published but it was something I was passionate about for a number of years.

So anyway, my key dreams are suggesting that the issue I used to have with making progress in the real world, in my career, in parenting, in close personal relationships, etc – those issues are now no longer so significant for me.

Have you ever had a dream of losing keys? Where you able to solve it in the dream or did you end up having to find another way to travel?

Please share your dream here and the meaning it has for your life. Remembering, sharing and writing about dreams is an excellent way to work through any issue, big or small.


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