My Dream of Getting High & How I Become Friends With Negative Emotions After Watching a Scary Movie

20 October 2017

Last night I did something that I haven’t done in a long time and which I knew would elicit a large degree of fear: I went to watch a horror movie with my daughter and a friend. They told me not to worry I would be fine but I told them every time I watch a horror movie I have nightmares. But I like working with nightmares because they give a script for overcoming fear and releasing really positive energy in life so I was willing to give it a go.

The movie we were watching was IT with the clown who chases children and can shapeshift into their worst nightmarish fears. Positioned between my daughter and my friend, within 4 minutes of the opening scene I found myself pulling my hoodie over my eyes and looking away. Within 7 minutes I had my headphones on and was listening to entirely different music, staring at the exit sign wondering if I should sit still and wait it out or go back to the lobby. I decided to stick it out and just listened to music for the next 2 hours and 15 minutes occasionally looking at the action happening on the bottom 1/10th of the screen which I could see if I tilted my head a certain way.

So I sat through the movie that way paying hardly any attention to the horror which was right before me which was largely invisible and inaudible to me except for the soul-shaking shrieks which filled the theatre.

In that way, I survived “watching” the only horror movie I’ve experienced since 1999.

Did I have a nightmare? … I did NOT!

I was ready for it but no instead I dreamed about getting high on pot for hours on end with friends in a room.

Yeah. That was my dream. Just smoking joints with friends in a room and getting more and more high by the minute. Later in the dream I went looking for something and I found Steve Martin in a room. He was emptying out his office and just throwing everything out. I joined him in dumping books, binders and papers into the trash.

What is getting high a metaphor for?

Its a metaphor for raising above challenges and issues. So my dream of getting high right after getting freaked out at a horror movie was about my own ability now to cope with negative experiences which I used to have to avoid.

Not everyone is too interested in doing things they know will bring out strong negative emotions but the thing with change and transformation is that the best way to get to the change is to do exactly that! By becoming friends with and embracing the negative emotions then change can occur.

The negatives are not to be avoided. They are to be embraced like a friend.

In that way, the negative can be processed and let go of and new strengths and skills can be developed.

So it’s not something I would do all the time, going to a scary movie just to listen to a playlist in my headphones, but now I know if the opportunity arises I have options and I also know I won’t necessarily get nightmares the way I used to. It’s pretty cool.

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