Dreamwork is like a reflection on a waveless lake


Dreamwork helps people to become aware of some dark & cloudy parts of themselves so that they can look at it, heal from it, then grow & develop from it. In this way, weaknesses become strengths. Uncertainty becomes Confidence. Fear becomes Courage. Worry becomes Certitude.

Only by facing the dark can we transform it into Light.

The Big Issue With Being a Journalist & an Educator

14 July 2017

In a perfect world, anyone could be anything they wanted; they could earn a living doing a profession they were passionate about and not suffer without any of the basic needs or wants in life.

Unfortunately, our world is still far from perfect.

The big problem so many traditionally-minded people have is that they seem to think that a role, profession or career, or a title, defines someone. Then they think of the way they think someone in that “role” should behave. Then they really limit themselves in the way they think and behave.

The big problem I had when I went to journalism school is that it opened my eyes to so much corruption and I decided I didn’t want to be a part of mainstream media journalism. I thought I would just be a journalist part-time and let it be like a hobby to me. I thought I’d find a niche and just write occasionally for a magazine or something like that while I did my other full time work.

I went to university to train as an elementary school educator and I majored in English Literature.

The funny thing is that when I was going to school to be a teacher I couldn’t stop THINKING like a journalist!

Every class I went to was like absorbing information for an article.

Every insight I had congregated in my mind like an article waiting to be read.

Every day I wrote and wrote and wrote.

When it came time to graduate, I wasn’t 100% attached to the idea of becoming a traditional educator in a school system because I could see that the school system was not really ready for a journalistic-thinking educator. I could easily see that I would want to teach in out-of-the box ways which would challenge the status quo. I could see that I’d have to find the right school which met with my high standards for education.

All the while I kept having dreams which would guide me along.

When I became pregnant surprisingly in 2004 I decided to put my career on hold to be a mom. But I couldn’t stop thinking like a journalist, or an educator, and then a mom.

To this day, I have shunned mainstream media and am highly critical of the school system as it is and I will write more and more about this in time.

My challenge in the beginning part of my career was that I was trying to fit into a professional mold which didn’t allow for growth outside of a traditional model of thinking.

My challenge now, in the second phase of my career, is to really allow the journalistic part to take the lead and to be really okay with the educator part taking a step back.

This is the way life has unfolded for me.

And if I’ve learned anything I’ve learned it’s important to trust in the flow of life.

It never lets you down.

DreamWORK: Dealing With Jealousy

14 July 2017

I learned from a dream last night that when I feel connected and empowered I used to get a bit tripped up by others who get jealous and try to use guilt to get me to do what they want me to do which is to direct my attention towards their selves and to ignore my own.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not advocating for self-centeredness or selfishness but what I am saying is that it is important to know your own Self and to be True to it and when others try to get you to forget your own wants and needs until you feel disempowered, then there is a problem.

The big problem in close relationships is that if someone has an issue with jealousy then they might do all sorts of things to try to protect their position, in a job or a home or a board of directors for example. They fear they will be left alone so they do things out in the open and behind the scenes like back-biting and criticism to try to disempower others.

Last night’s dream showed me where this is an issue for me even though I thought I worked through most of this already. The dream also showed me where there are opportunities for a lot of positive connecting with hundreds of others but instead I choose to spend a lot of time writing.

In the dream, when I was swimming in a larger-than-Olympic swimming pool I dropped my phone. It got wet but I was cleaning it out and it was going to be alright.

A smart phone in a dream is about more than just making phone calls. It’s about taking pictures and making connections. Dropping a phone in a large pool but it still working is a good metaphor for what happens to me when someone with jealousy issues tries to trip me up.

In the dream, I was fine and the solution was to tell others about my background, about being a journalist & teacher at the same time. To talk about how this shaped how I saw the world and my part within it. In real life this isn’t something I talk about much but now I think it’s time to begin.

The Problem With Peace And What To Do About It

16 October 2017

If Peace is the goal then what next when it is achieved?

Three months ago I dreamed of swimming in an ocean while a huge tanker ship passed by near enough for me to feel the wake in the water but not close enough to knock me over. You can read the dream at this link.

When I wrote about the dream afterwards I didn’t have a lot to say about it and actually felt a lot of Peace. If Peace is the absence of the need to act quickly in response to someone’s negativity than that could be what I was feeling.

However, now that it’s October and I look back at that dream, I can say that an enormous life change was just days away from that dream. Less than two weeks after that ship dream I decided to move out of the home we’d loved for three years and the move was a result of a person/situation which was like a big ol’ ship threatening to knock me down and drown me.

If I would have asked more questions about the ship when it showed up in the dream might I have been able to decipher the threat sooner and choose something else besides moving? At the time, I could see no other solution. I could see no clear path. I didn’t feel unsafe. I didn’t know the big threat that was looming.

But I see it now and just find it interesting and thought I’d write to share.



Dream: Swimming beside a PRETTY BIG ship

13 July 2017

I’m swimming in an ocean. It’s night and I’m in great depths but it’s not cold and I’m not the least frightened. An enormous ship is a distance away from me to the right. Close enough to feel the vibrations of its engine but far enough away to not be moved by its current or wake. 

The feeling is this: I’m happy just where I am. I don’t feel like going toward the ship or away from it. I don’t have anything to go diving for. I don’t have anyone in need of rescue. I don’t want to go back to the shore and I don’t want to go in further depth.

There is someone to my right swimming. At first I thought she needed help but I see now she doesn’t. The feeling I get from her is that she is my twin, my double, like a mirror image of me. 

But there’s no threat from her nor does she need anything. So we’re just swimming.

Analysis: Okay, so this dream is neither “good” nor “bad.” This is a new one for me.

There was a lot more before and after this scene which I remembered for brief moments before I sat to write but then the images escaped me so that means there is some ego-protection going on that is just about parts of myself not wanting to remember things which are a bit painful in nature. That’s okay. That’s normal. That’s human.

So there’s slight vibrations from the BIG ship which I am picking up on. So I can work with that.

To dream of an ocean is like dreaming about a metaphor for life in general. It’s about relationships. It’s about being able to dive deeply into relationships, to dive deeply into life.

I’ve dreamed of a scene just like this before, but the big ship was sinking and I was trying to rescue people to save them from drowning. It’s a bit refreshing to be swimming in an ocean of life and not have anyone to save, not even myself. Metaphorically, it’s an emotional condition I’ve wanted to experience for a while and now here I am, experiencing it.

All I can think is to say this must be what Peace feels like.

And I really love it.

A lot.