Dreamwork & Parenting for a bright future

24 August 2017

Dreamwork and Change work can help parents understand who the child’s True Self is and what they want/need as support to bring out their best self. When a parent understands their own issue and works through it so it’s not an issue anymore then they can be even more supportive to their child in dealing with that issue and the child will not inherit or learn to have those same issues. In essence, this is how the world is changed, one generation at a time and this is why the future is just so brilliantly bright.

Having an Adventurous Spirit Helps

23 August 2017

Having an adventurous spirit helps to take the boredom out of every day routines. Not only that, it helps to put a firey flame to ideas and dreams.

Without an adventurous spirit, life would be bland and uneventful. The mind would be soley occupied in the hum-drum itty-bitty details surrounding meal preparation & clean-up, avoiding traffic to and from work, getting kids to extra-curricular activities and doing something somewhat relaxing at the end of the day like watching a TV show.

But WITH an adventurous spirit anything can become a game. Routine becomes meditation. Necessary tasks can become like a sport. And opportunities for exploration and inquiry are always welcome!

Having an adventurous spirit even helps when someone gives you anger, jealousy or fear. Instead of running away upset, think about getting playful & try having an adventurous spirit about it. You never know, playfulness might turn the whole thing around and an entirely new experience can open up for everyone.

Having a playful & adventurous spirit can even re-frame the mundane and make every day life fascinatingly interesting.

Go ahead. Give it a try. When you are doing a mundane, every day task today add a little Playfulness and Adventure then wait and see how different things become!! Describe your experience in the comments below.

The Metaphor of a MESS: How it Symbolizes EGO & What To Do To Deal With It

22 August 2017


This has been a topic I’ve avoided writing about for some time.

I’ve written about the “mess” I inherited & learned in early childhood but I haven’t written directly about how messes show up with others and how to deal with it in a way which is long-lasting and permanent.

So messes can show up in a dream in a variety of ways.

If there is a mess in a house it means there is something happening with the ego which is affecting the positive development of the self.

If there is a mess in a yard it means there is something negative happening which influences or is influenced by others in a more public way.

If there is a mess in a building or in office place then it is about how the ego is affecting productive development between people who are working together, in a profession or in any type of agreement or working arrangement.

A MESS in a dream means someone clearly has an ISSUE around the area, be it the Self, or the Work, or the Social Setting.

When someone has an issue it means there has been an early experience of trauma in that area and the memory of it is still really strong in the mind and affects the person regularly. It means they have a negative part of themself which shows up when they are afraid of something and this negative part creates a so-called MESS of some sort which has the effect of slowing or stopping the relationship, the progress, the work, etc.

When this is understood, then it is easy to help people through their fear-based trauma reaction by offering encouragement, reassurance, patience, kindness, etc. When the trust is re-built and the fear dissolved then work can continue in whatever area needed.

So if you dream of a big mess, in your house, or your work space, or your neighbourhood then you can start asking yourself, “Where in my life is the biggest mess?” and try to discern “Who am I having the biggest challenge with right now?” What is someone doing that is causing a big mess and what does it lead you to do?

When you can start to understand their fear and their ego-mess you can have increased patience and loving-kindness towards them.

Incredible challenges can be overcome with this approach.

Go ahead. Give it a try. And feel free to write about the experience in the comments below.

A Symphony of Dream Images – Some Negative, Some Positive

22 August 2017

  • being in bed and someone turning on a video recorder, making a joke about recording for Facebook but then really recording & posting on Facebook
  • I get angry, pulled his hair back and threatened him to never do it again
  • I am at a dinner eating and they move the tables without asking me
  • Someone asks me to get them a fork but I didn’t hear and then I realize what they asked and I get them a fork. We’re at a big dinner like a wedding reception
  • A little girl escapes out a door and nearly falls down a hilly cliffy but I catch her just in time
  • I hug her and keep her close to me and safe

Dream: Knocked Over By a Cow

In the dream, I am still married to my ex & he is telling me what to do, how to think, how to be. My mom is also hanging around likewise dictating to me how to be, how to think, what to do.

At one point, I’m walking a long distance on the grassy area beside a road. My mom is far in the distance, telling others negative things about me. She’s beside horses which are beauitful so I take out my camera to take pictures & video. The horses run forward and I record them getting really close to me.

Then a cow approahes and nearly knocks me over but I maneuver somehow to avoid him and record all the same. I stick by the cow for a while recording its antics.

In another part of the dream my ex was given something from his work to get me pregnant & he got into heated conversation about making sure he wasn’t charged twice for it.

And later my mom tricked me into putting an aquarium in her livingroom & emptying it of all water and fish. Then when it came time to take it home she wouldn’t let me. I was upset because it meant it was going to stay there.

My analysis:

These dreams are remembered states of when I wanted to go for something but others around me would hold me back in one way or another. The solution is to be in readiness to take photos & videos and to not let myself get bowled over by others.