The Science of Dreamwork is about Going into the Challenging Spaces and Dealing with the Negatives so they can be eliminated

28 August 2017

Today when I was doing dreamwork around the issue of home invasion I realized something.

Last month I had two dreams about a home invasion. In the first I was able to protect all the windows & doors and keep the invader away. But in the second, the invader got in and held a shotgun to my daughter’s face. This means there is something my daughter is doing which allows an invader into our space. A house in a dream is about Self and a bedroom is where we rest & relax. To have an invader in the bedroom means we are not able to rest or relax because of someone doing/saying things which have a negative influence.

In real life, training in Taedwondo has given me some skills to deal with the negatives. When I am “taekwondoing ” the negative energy it’s about pushing the negative energy/figure away and that is why I was successful in the first dream.

But there is a second process needed in order to help my daughter keep out the negatives. This can be achieved with dreamwork/change work approaches.

When I work on issues which appear in dreams and I minimize the negative effects on me then I am better able to to support my daughter and I can teach her to not let them in or get targeted. The key with this kind of work is to get really close into the space of the invader.

I figured this out when I was training in class this morning because I learned that as soon as someone has a knife or gun the key is to get really close to disarm them.

It takes a high degrees of skill to move into a space when there is a weapon rather than running away which is the first natural instinct. But dreamwork/changework is like a positive weapon that allows a person to confidently get in the Self space of someone else and effectively disarm them.

The more I learn to do this with my daughter the better it will be for both of us. The reason it’s so challenging is because her negative self is so much like someone who tortured me in the past. Now that I have learned to “teakwondo the negative” I can leap into her space and disarm the intruding negative thoughts.

I do this by working through my own issues and fears around the memory of being tortured and practicing simple meditation exercises which really help!

Anyone can do this and can find their own path for empowering themselves. The key is to turn up the positives in life and turn down the negative. With this, anything is possible.

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